Tournament: Guess the Titan Assassin Deaths

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Tournament: Guess the Titan Assassin Deaths

So, I'm building a titan D-Talon Assassin, and since I'm in a generous mood, here's a little tourney to please you all:

1) Though shalt post a guess on how many times my assassin will DIE going from little clvl 1 to Matriarch status.
2) Though shalt not repeat a previous guess.
3) There is no three.
4) Though shalt only guess once.
5) Though shalt most an email with your guess.
6) I will post updates on the character, but will NOT post total deaths so far.
7)The winner will recieve all the finds from 250 hell meph runs with my Tal's sorc, who has around 450% MF.

With that, here's the planned build:

BigFoot, the Titan Kicker

Bartuc's Cut Throat /w Shael (primary claw)
Jade Talon /w eth or hel
Lionheart Wrymhide
IK Forge (gloves)
IK Detail (belt)
Mara's Kaleidescope
Upgraded Gore Rider
Manald/ML ring
2x +3 shadow discipline on switch
Andarial's Visage /w 15% IAS jewel
Guillaume's Face until then

30 (after +skills) D-Talon
20 Fade
9 Weapon Block
20 LS
20 Death Sentry
1 DF
1 MB
1 Shadow Master
1 Venom
1 CoS

STR: Everything!
NRG: getting the picture?

Rules for the BigFoot's play
1) All quests WILL be completed. The only exception to this is Nilathek on hell difficulty.
2) She will be twinked heavily.
3) She will reroll the ancients in the event of FE.
4) She will not save/exit to save me from death.
5) She will NOT keep a TP in my belt.
6) She will not do full clears on every area.
7) Quests will be completed before moving to the next act.
8) She will NOT MP.

So, go ahead and post your guess!



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Case_ofLogic said:
If I'm not mistaken, 6stringspanky already guessed 13 (Baker's dozen is 13 as far as I know)
Oh, sorry

Well it is 9 deaths then

edit: bob stole my numbers :D


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I'm gonna go with 23 deaths. I think the low-life will be a ***** in Hell difficulty.

I can't wait to see how this works out though. I've got 3 titans myself, including a paladin who just hit 550 strength, and I've toyed with the idea of making a TS/Dragon Tail no-vitality sin in 1.09.

My planned equipment was pretty similar to yours - Thundergod's Vigor instead of IK Belt, and Stormshield instead of a second claw.