Toughest Uber?


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Toughest Uber?

I've done two solo Uber Tristram runs so far with my hammerdin, and I'm preparing for a third. I died once on both runs, the first time due to Lilith's minions, the second time fighting Lilith herself. However, I don't think she was that tough, I just got careless and didn't drink a potion when I should have.

But the question is, who in your opinion is the toughest Uber?

As for me, I say Uber Izual is the weakest. Comparably poor physical resistance and no killer aura make him the easiest kill for me.

Next is Uber Mephisto. Poor physical resistance makes him go down fast, and even his conviction aura doesn't save him. There are just too many ways to pump up your own resistances to make Meph's conviction worth much anything.

Next up is Uber Diablo. The only real problem in this fight is targeting him from amongst his minions, after that the fight goes easy.

Uber Baal is for me somewhat tougher than his brothers, thanks to his mana-sucking minions. Even they can't prevent his quick demise though. The difference to Uber Diablo is in my opinion almost negligible.

Lilith is surprisingly tougher than the actual prime evils. The highest physical resistance among the Ubers and hard blows make her one tough opponent. She is the only one who ever killed me.

But, the worst for me is Uber Duriel. While he isn't that dangerous, he's by far the hardest to take down. The problem is that his holy freeze aura reduces my smiting speed so badly that occasionally the open wounds duration runs out and he begins to heal again. Every time he does is almost as bad as having to start over the whole fight. Having recently found a new set of Dracul's gloves I hope the additional open wounds chance will help against this (this time I won't sell them like a newb like I sold my first Draculs).

That's my experience of the matter, having used a magic finding hammerdin to smite the Ubers. Different character builds probably have different ideas. Or do you?


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Lillith is definitely the hardest of the mini-ubers; Meph, the hardest of the uber-ubers.:rolleyes:

edit: you need fanat against uber-duriel to counter the holy freeze.


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My smiter/zealer had no trouble at all with the ubers or mini ubers. But Izzy's Iron Maiden casting Oblivion Knights slowed him down to a crawl (used his merc to take them out). There were so dang many P/I itchies spread out in Uber Duriels area I had to bring in my (infinity merc) sorc. The venom from my pallys' grief usually takes down P/I's quite quickly, but seemed to do little damage to them.:undecided:


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vouch for lillith being toughest for mini ubers. meph i have trouble with in trist :S

Silent Shaddow

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lilth i found not to trick so long as i get into tanking quickly.
once i was fighting thro and i found lilith stood next to a convic archer... i died a few times then but got the archer in the end then lilith was a push over... i find uber mephi the hardest due to lagging when i meet her usually, can my kicker often cant handle the mages that get raised... my doom helps alot tho =-)


SirDooFuss said:
The venom from my pallys' grief usually takes down P/I's quite quickly, but seemed to do little damage to them.:undecided:
Use a azur as switch weapon. They will down very fast :smiley:


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Uber Duriel? ....


My smiter wipes his arse in about 8 seconds flat. His aura is little hinderance. I find him to be BY FAR the easiest. Uber Izzy would be nearly as easy if he weren't surrounded byt Oblivion Knights and their farking IM. Once i clear them out, he's a piece of cake.

Lillith has some bite. She has one hit my smiter a number of times. Still take her down in under 20 secs.

As for the Trist Ubers, I still say meph is toughest because of the conviction. He has one hit my smiter with his lightning ball a number of times.

my smiter has never been killed by uber baal or uber diablo. They are just a minor distraction. Once Uber Meph is dead, its just a matter of time, which is about one minute.


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Easiest to hardest:


Baal isn't so much of a problem other than his mana burn... Lillith has those Vile Witches and some nasty poison damage, and Meph has major lightning damage and conviction... I don't have much trouble with the bosses so much as I have trouble with Lillith's level... Baal just slows me up a bit because of that mana burn...



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From my own experience (~20 to 30 Uber runs), here's how I would sort them, in order of difficulty :

1. Lilith : It's a fast and tough boss, with her poison attack. Her minions are deadly too, when they cast Amp Damage on you. Make sure you don't fight Lilith when you're Amp Damaged... :rolleyes:

2. Izual : Izual himself is a piece of cake. Just smite him to death. BUT I'm placing him here in second position because of the Oblivion Knights that cast Iron Maiden on you. This is really annoying, unless you switch to another char to run Izual...

3. Ãœber Mephisto : Yes, he has a nasty conviction aura, but frankly, boosting your resistances isn't that hard, especially for a Paladin. And he's really weak as an attacker, so you can bring him down quite easily.

4. Baal : His mana drain can be deadly, if you stop smitting him. Make sure to drink a mana potion when your blue orb gets too low, just in case. And everything is fine again :smiley:.

5. Diablo : An easy target, just smite him to death, nothing special here. Don't care about the minions here, just make sure you equipped enough FHR to concentrate your efforts on Diablo himself.

6. Duriel : I think it's the easiest Ãœber to fight : I've never EVER fought one of his minions, because he's always lurking near the Tomb Valley's WP. Yes, his Holy Freeze aura can be a pain, but with Fanaticism and Raven Frost, it's really just a joke. Cast Life Tap on him from your Wand, and Smite him safely to death :laugh:.


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1. Lilth is by far the toughest. Amp damage and she deals tremendous poison damage and physical damage which can 1 hit KO many unless they spot DR / psn reduction gear or CTA.

2. Izzy. Yay iron maidern.

3. Mephisto is alright, just stack on the Lightning resist. His conviction hurts but salvation is always there. The real danger is he spawning as the first uber and all the lag generated will slaughter those with slow computers. Its uncommon to die 1 or twice if you lagged severely.

4. Diablo. I ranked Diablo over Baal because of his annoying minions. Big D's minions are huge in size and will block you from hitting D from time to time. Stack on the FHR for this one.

5. Baal uhh the weakest of the 3 bros. He has mana burn but then if you kill normal hell baal regularly for drops, you should have an automated response in the form of a mana / rejuv pot. His stupid limb extensions might block you from time to time but they make even easier targets to leech. Vile effigy is a problem with dual mana burn but just focus on the real one and keep smiting he will go down.

6. Duriel is too close to the wp. Holy Freeze slows you down but with fanat you should have no fear. Try not to attract those scarabs though.


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the only uber i had problems with was gear wasnt very good during that time..but now he's easy as long as lifetap kicks in..gotta love stacked resist :thumbsup:

other than that...izual himself is easy...its just the iron maiden from the oblivions


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well depends what player u use.. for phy players( zeal, smite) lilith is hard, for low def/res player memph is hard.. izzy for any caster is hard or iron maiden from his minions can be hard too