tornado block/resistable ?


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tornado block/resistable ?

hi i know tornado is physical damage, but is it blockable in any way( e.g weapon block)/ resisted in any way , except for the dmg absorb things on skulders and dwarf star


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1.- It only can be blocked by the assasin skill known as Weapon Block when dual claw wielding. All the rest of chars will eat all nados no matter if shield or not.

2.- Only way to reduce tornado damage is with damage reduced mod, like from shaftstoop, stormshield, shaco, verdungos, etc...but this is capped at 50%, so you only can reduce its damage by 50% doing this.


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don't forget a sorcs eshield, either. 95% with a maxed tk, some damage reduced by, and a large mana pool, and forget about hurting her any time soon.



it is unblockable except by assasin's weapon block skill or amazon's dodge skill

it is resistable. pdr gears will help u reduce tornado's dmg.