Torment Difficulty Scaling Graphs and Charts



The huge leap in monster hit points on T7+, and especially in T10, is obvious when you play or look at the actual figures. In a nutshell, when you go up to T10 the monsters don't gain that much in exp value or gold find value, and they don't do much more damage, but their hit points skyrocket.

This is made very clear by a useful line graphic:

[caption id="attachment_385692" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Monster gains in hit points, damage, EXP, and gold.[/caption]

Steep line is steep. In a way, playing on T10 is kind of silly, since the rewards increase so little compared to the monster hit points. (Unless you're geared enough to kill with speed, in which case you might as well.) On the other hand, the monster damage doesn't increase very much either, so you don't need to raise your toughness anywhere near as much as your DPS. (Though consider that Elites living 3-5x longer have that much more time to put a hurt on you.)

While we know the exactly values for things like exp and gold find, and know that they don't increase by much on T7-T10, we don't know official figures for how drop rates are boosted. Most players feel that it's a considerable increase, especially if you're doing Rifts on T10. How about the other increases, though? How much more likely are you to find things like Death's Breaths, Greater Rift keys, Infernal Machines and Demonic Organs? Tabulating/estimating those is a common exercise and we took a stab at it during the PTR, then updated the info recently. At the time I meant to create a big chart with all the values, but never found the time... thankfully, someone else stepped up.

This chart shows the precise figures where we know them, and puts in consensus estimates for other things, with "?" where there's not enough data to even make a reasonable guess. (Someone needs to do some more testing on sub-T6, obviously.) It would be great if Blizzard released the official figures so we'd know for sure, but they seem to like some ambiguity and "play it by feel" aspects left in the game (DPS calculator, anyone?) so probably they enjoy players only able to guesstimate the frequency for double DBs on T9, legs from Rift Guardians, etc.

Click through for a couple of more charts showing how monster rewards increase up to T10, and why it's foolish to play that difficulty unless you've geared up to the point that your damage makes it a smooth ride.

Torment Difficulty Scaling Graphs and Charts:

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Update: Bonus chart from Frostlion showing how all the values change between Torment levels.

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Yeah T8/9 look like the best unless you can smash 10 like it's nothing. The difference of 20,000% or 45,000% versus 110,000% is unreal. Cool to see T8 drops double death's breath occasionally. That would be pretty nice if I were ever to get that far with Sage's set AND my 6 piece.


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The above graph, although pretty, doesn't actually tell us as much as we might think, since the health values are so much larger than anything else even at torment V that it is almost impossible to distinguish how big the relative gap is. That is to say, the graph would look pretty scary even through to T6:

A more accurate way to see the difference is to take a logarithmic scale:
where we see gold and XP take a clear dip down, while monster HP increases its growth

Similarly, looking at the growth factor for each tier, we see:
which makes the jump in monster HP in particular seem even more dramatic


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I can't tell if it's the Cube powers, or the fact that I actually leveled up my gems b/c there's no bleeping Trials anymore, but the power creep has been power leap this season. You'll get some 6-pc set around P-75, probably an ancient weapon (probably not a good one, but still, Ancient!) by P100, and be grinding GR35's quickly to get your gems up in no time. However, the big limiting factor, it appears, is finding A) Gifts to socket and B) Ancient weapons to use your non-existent Gifts in. They are so adamant about not giving us ways to create or make ancients or Gifts, but then they're not dropping in T10, either. Are they dropping in GR55+? Also, why the bleep don't GR's drop more Death Breath? Are we really going to have to create a specific build for T8 Breath grinding? Seriously?


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Perhaps an image that more clearly shows how the jump works is the /relative/ growth per tier:
where 1 means a value stays the same and 2 means it doubles going up 1 tier.


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I don't know about everyone else but it's not DB that's in low supply but SOULS for me (got 100's DB). 50 souls per cube weapon roll might be fair because of the power it could give you but it sucks.

T10 isn't worth it. At least for UE DH. I didn't give it a first shot until I got my 3 leg gems lvl 25+ and nope F this. Someday perhaps.


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@Flux: The chart you linked is very very outdated. In the Reddit thread you linked there's a new version; actually, I always keep this URL up-to-date:

Also, I mentioned your site as a source, so why not do the same on your side... I can see why you cropped out the bottom part for the frontpage post, but at least when people click on it you might link it to the full image.


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Oh, somehow the line break disappeared and the link isn't clickable now. So again: