Torcher + Dreamadin= ?


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Torcher + Dreamadin= ?

Has anyone ever tried combining holy shock and holy fire? To do this you would need dream helm + shield and hoj + dragon body armor. This would give a lvl 30 holy shock and a lvl 30 holy fire on at the same time. Skill layout would be something like this:

20 Resist Fire
20 Resist Lightning
20 Charge
10 Conviction
10 Holy Shield
Rest in Salvation

With mara's, cta, anni, and a bk ring with 10 offensive grand charms this would give 25 to conviction. Would this build work? Or would a traditional dreamadin be


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Why charge? You could always dump those points into HS for more defense so you can run around.


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my friend made one of these, just saw it last night. he used dual dragons, dream helm, and hoj, and had conviction maxed, salvation maxed, resist light and fire max. basically he was flash killing everybody. dunno if this helps any, but i tried lol.


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The holy fire will add 1.5k damage to your attack and 250 to aura damage. Not that great for 2 pieces of equip imo.


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Yea but I figured that since most people will be stacking lightning resistance against the holy shock, their fire resistance will be really low and conviction would lower their resists to below -50. Even 250 pulse dmg would hurt if your resists are that low.

Doll Call

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this is a pulser build... and the 20 into charge would be wasted... since you kill with usually pulses...

20 resist lightning
20 resist fire
20 salvation
20 conviction
rest into holy shield holyshield
1 charge