Top 5 NFL Teams (Week 6)


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Top 5 NFL Teams (Week 6)

Alright, I might make this a weekly thing if I can remember to/feel like it. Very simple stuff. List your top 5 best teams in the NFL, adding your reasoning if you so choose.

5. San Diego Chargers - Took a tough loss to Baltimore in Baltimore, which makes it easier to forgive. Philip Rivers is playing very well and the defense is just absurd. Plus with weapons like Gates and Tomlinson, the offense puts up points too. My worry is when they play a defense that is as good or better than their's (Baltimore game) or when they play an offensive that's too good for their defense (Indy, maybe). In both situations, I don't know if Rivers can carry them to a win.

4. Baltimore Ravens - Took a tough loss to Denver in Denver and about 453544 inches of rain. The defense is probably second best in all of football, full of playmakers as well as tough bastards (who allegedly stab people) and McNair is doing a beautiful job of playing caretaker in the offense. Their weakness? The running game. Jamal Lewis and Mike Anderson are both decent backs, but they have been getting stuffed and when that happens, McNair has to WIN games rather than not screw them up.

3. Philadelphia Eagles - Have you seen this team play? Their only loss for the fourth quarter letdown to the Giants and it seems to have fired them back up. Donovan McNabb has the best numbers for any QB in football, Brian Westbrook has the most touchdowns rushing or receiving in football and Dante Stallworth has missed two games with injury! Lito Sheppard is back (and running back picks 102 yards for touchdowns) into a secondary that is one of the best in the league even without Sheldon Brown. And with Trent Cole filling in for Javon Kearse on the defensive line, the team has barely missed a step.

2. Indianapolis Colts - I said that they'd have to lose in order to not be number one, but when you have scares against the Jets and the Titans, you get dropped. Even with the scares though, they're undefeated and Peyton manning is winning the games when he has to. It's kind of scary to think about what the team will be like once they're fully clicking, especially with how well Joseph Addai has been running out of the backfield. Their weakness is their defense though, mostly the secondary. It's been victimized in past games and might be the lone weak spot. Still, if the offense starts clicking, no one can beat them in a shootout.

1. Chicago Bears - Best team in football, period. 5-0 after playing the Vikings in a tough division game and the supposed best NFC team (the Seahawks), with 156(!) points for and 36(!!!) points against. Denver has the fewest points allowed in the league with 34, but they've only put up 49 of their own. The Chicago defense is just absurd. They've run roughshod over every offensive line put up in front of them, they cause turnovers like crazy and can win games if the offense can put up 10 points. However, the offense has been putting a lot more up than that with Rex Grossman playing extremely well, the emergence of Bernard Berrian as their deep threat (with Mushin Muhammad and the TE Desmond Clark as excellent possession receivers) and the running game chugging along. Their schedule is nothing to worry about as well. With their only tough games coming in a three week span (at Giants, at Patriots, at Jets), they could well finish the season with one loss (or maybe less).

There's mine. Discuss!!


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I can't really find fault with that list.

However, even a huge die hard Bears fan here at work admits how very easy their schedule is this year. I guess we'll have to wait for the playoffs.

I don't know why everyone thinks the Jets are going to be a tough game for the Bears. :scratch:

Talga Vasternich

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Take Philadelphia off and add Cincinnati, IMO.

The J E T S are only remotely a challenge because it's the 2nd of 3 consecutive road games between games against of two superior teams. Letdown from beating Giants and looking past the J E T S to the Patriots could possibly, maybe spell upset.


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1. Bears: Don't write the re-mix to the shuffle just yet bears.
2. Colts: Looking to lose a few to get some motivation I think, otherwise a very good team.
3. Denver: Another team that could be undefeated should the offense find some rhythm
4. San Diego: Rookie Quarterback and marty ball keeps this team from greatness in the postseason.
5. New Orleans // St. Louis: Both these teams are dying to drop out of here. ;)

I'm still not convinced on Baltimore. Their wins include 4th quarter mistakes by both the browns (run it on 3rd down and kick the field goal FFS) and the chargers (playing marty ball). Their other wins are against Tampa Bay and Oakland. Abysmal teams.

Cincinnati is vexing to me. I'm a long time Bengals fan and I want to put them in the top 5, but after showing absolutely nothing against a (I feel) not great Patriots team, they are out of the top 5 untill they get another quality win and the offense starts clicking again. They also have one of the most difficult schedules in the league. The series with Baltimore will tell us a lot about both those teams.

Philadelphia is a pick I thought about, but they were outplayed by the cowboys last week. Philly had 3 big plays that won the game, but all 3 were stoppable by a dallas defense that took 3 naps. Not a top 5 team and I think the Cowboys will eventually win that division.

Atlanta has been an interesting thought this year. Next 3 weeks will tell us what this team can do. Giants, Pittsburgh, Cincy.

Still wide open. Some teams will step up and others will falter in the next 3 weeks.



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Croup said:
Dante Stallworth
Donte'. Dumbass Giants fans. Lern to speel, stoopid.

The Iggles won't play a quality team until Jacksonville. Note to anyone playing the Cowboys: rushing 3 guys right up the middle totally works. Meet at the statue of Drew Bledsoe.


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maccool said:
Donte'. Dumbass Giants fans. Lern to speel, stoopid.

The Iggles won't play a quality team until Jacksonville. Note to anyone playing the Cowboys: rushing 3 guys right up the middle totally works. Meet at the statue of Drew Bledsoe.
Geez, you'd think watching Invincible like 3 times would get me a truce with Iggles fans.

And Talga hit it right with the comment about the Jets game. It's not that the Jets are a tough matchup for the Bears, it's that they're one of three straight road games.


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maccool said:
Note to anyone playing the Cowboys: rushing 3 guys right up the middle totally works. Meet at the statue of Drew Bledsoe.
Was anyone else surprised when he took off for a touchdown against the Iggs?

Only thing I'm sure of so far is that Da Bears are #1. They made Hasselbeck look completely lost, right after his 5 TD game. Hard to do.


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1. Bears
2. Broncos
3. Ravens
4. Chargers
5. Patriots

simply because I prefer defense first when ranking top teams. Honorable mentions include the Colts and Jaguars.


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Here's my insider report on the Chargers since they're my team. Chargers should be 5-0. Marty ball allowed our QB Rivers 4 passing attempts the entire 2nd half against the Ravens. This is when the Ravens were stacking the line with 8-men lines. No sweaps, no passing, no play-action, no screens. The Chargers ran off-tackle the entire 2nd half. 1st and 22, 2nd and 22, 3rd and 15, run up the middle. So we lost.

But I think someone from ownership told Marty to either get with the program or look for another job. Because the next week, we played the Steelers. Shut out the 1st quarter, the Chargers came to life and rolled the Steelers defense. We all know that the Steelers may have some offensive problems, but their defense is elite w/ no injuries. Phillip Rivers pretty much had his ways with the Steelers even after being sacked 4 times. We've at least 2 drives of more than 80 yards.

I actually think that we're probably the 2nd best in the NFL, behind only Chicago. Ravens did beat us, but they've no passing game. Indy is great, but they've no running game. Eagles defense is so-so.

Even though the Bears have not played anyone decent other than Seattle (without their star Alexander), they look the most balance on both sides of the ball. And both their running and passing defense and offense are evenly balanced. So I'd put -

1. Bears
2. Chargers
3. Colts
4. Broncos

As you can see, other than the Bears, I've not much respect for the NFC.


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Part of me says that Marty has finally learned his lesson (Brown's fan so I feel all of San Diego's pain), but another part screams that a guy who has coached as long as he has will never learn in the long run. Old Marty will martyball the chargers to an early playoff exit, it's virtually gauranteed.


Ash Housewares

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dirkdig said:
1. steelers
2. redskins
3. panthers
4. chargers
5. lions
what year is it?

Marty will never learn, he will always be a stupendous moron conspiring against himself to make sure his players have as difficult a time winning as possible