Too many items on the ground


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Hi all,

I've been running LK as part of my MF rotation with my sorc. These chests seem to drop a lot of useless items (gold and potions), so much that it clutters the screen. I never thought much of it until today when I was picking up potions and suddenly a mal rune appeared. Wondering how many good drops I've missed because of this?

Is there any workaround beyond picking up all the small gold piles and potions?



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Wondering how many good drops I've missed because of this?
Logic isn't everything, but rationally spoken, don't worry. If it takes longer to take the efforts to notice something than to kill another monster at a place where it's easier to take note of it, then it's better to do the second. If you are killing cows for the loot and you have too big piles of it, then it might pay off to do it (single player) at lower /p settings or (bnet) in less crowded games, where you can kill more quickly.

I haven't seen you here for quite a while BTW. Welcome back!


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As superdave said, teleing or walking to the right helps, since you can see other and most of the times more items this way. Another good habit is to hold the 'show item' button when popping the chests. You won't be able to see all drops, but you should be able to see the orange flash when a rune drops.


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Thanks for the replies.

So I have tried the tele to the right and it does seem to help show a few more items. I also usually hit alt after I pop the chest and today I saw the orange flash of a sur rune a couple runs in. That's the highest rune I've found so far in LK. I've probably done a total of 100 runs or so.

Krischan you are probably right in that I'm spending too much time picking up junk. All the HRs I've found so far (before today's sur) have been from regular monsters in high level areas on p1.

I've leveled 3 characters so far since I've started playing again (to 89, 87, and 85). Cham/Gul/Lo plus a fair number of Ist/Mal/Um/Pul have all been found from questing.

P.S. Glad to be back in the game