Too lazy


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Too lazy

Every time I get home from school I usually either sit on the couch and watch tv or go to sleep. I'm too lazy to read, clean, do homework, make myself something to eat, or even play video games. I have anxiety about work for the whole day because I don't want to do it (I usually end up waking up in the middle of the night and doing it).

In school, even though there is nothing better to do, I don't do classwork. I mostly pretend like I do it to appease the teachers. Is this normal? I'm not even a high school senior yet and I have this feeling of "senioritis".

If this board didn't have such a strong pull on me I would be in bed right now. Earlier I went to sleep at 6 PM for lack of anything better to do. Many people surely must be experiencing what I'm feeling.
wow, thats real bad lazyness. I suggest when you feel like this just force yourself to do something. Weither it be video games, homework or getting exercise. I get that feeling sometimes too. I just won't want to do ANYTHING. When I get this feeling if I just force myself to go do something I usually feel better and the feeling goes away.


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You might investigate whether you are suffering for depression. This sounds like it could be more than just laziness.

I've been struggling with depression for several years now and your activities sounds very familiar. I just really don't feel motivated to do anything and sleep way, way too much (all summed up, about 18 hours a day on my days off). I really wish that I could get addicted to a video game or be passionate about some activity, but I just can't seem to do it. I didn't mind smoking (very lightly and have since pretty much quit) simply becaues it gave me something to crave and look forward to. I really wish that I had a definate answer for how to help you, but I'm afraid I don't. I will say that forcing yourself to do something can make you feel better, as Canadia stated.

How do you usually feel moodwise? Have your parents taken notice of your behaviors?


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I don't think it's depression. i usually feel pretty lazy, but not so as to not do homework or even not eat. most of the time i just go home and sleep and eat and homework.

usually it happens after i get a long time off from school. probably since i get so used to not doing anything at home for a long while. every break i get seems to mess me up until i get back into school and start doing a bunch of work again.

sometimes i feel completely unmotivated, and just put off assignments, reports, etc. bad habit to get into. :\ i just feel like "why bother... i'll just do it at later..".


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yeah dude, work is so overratted. Just make sure you got the grades to get into the school you want to go to. I can understand slacking, but there is no exuse for not having to motivation to be sucessful in life. Just make sure you know where your going thats all. Then play videogames and sleep.


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No offense Ash, but i think we all realize that already...

And i think its just need to find something to really care about (other than forums) to work towards etc...
And nothing is worse than full blown senioritis combined with apathy...I know from personal experience. Try and get motivated, at least about something you care about...


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I dislike work, but I pull off a good last minute job in terms of homework. My parents respond to my laziness by taking things away from me, even though my xbox and computer have nothing to do with it.

I don't really feeled depressed, just usually apathetic and nonchalant. It's not really the energy either, I'm not a sloth. It's just I have no drive to work or do good.

Procrastination has always been a part of my life, but this past year is my laziest by far.
Take up a musical instrument or paintballing. Nothing like gettin shot in the back from 20 feet away by your own god damn trigger happy teammate hadhbgfgdsagdsajkb


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is it lazy or tired? you may have a thyroid problem..anemia or some other easily fixed (with proper medical attention issue that is making you tired.

you may also just need a girl. i find i am much more active and invovled in all aspects of my life when I'm with someone. Ask someone out. doesn't have to be a date...but it could be some cute chic that you want to hang out with cuz she's fun...doesn't have to be a sexual thing.

one simple solution might be to get oyurself more phsyically active. try doing pushups in the morning before oyu shower. I find that it's really the morning I'm usually useless before the shower...but if i do some pushups (like 50 to start and 100 don't have to do them all in one set, i' dont' even think I can do 100 in one set...and most of the time i prolly couldn't do fifty in one set unelss someone made me or bet me. the endorphins you'll release will make you want to tackle soemthing. if you ever feel bored after school try running or joining a makes a difference.

sports not your thing? maybe you are a complete klutz? well even a klutz can join the Cross country team...I was relatively fit...not out of shape and in one summer I joined XC and ended up on varsity...all you gotta do is run with the guys and you'll just naturally get it's really something good for oyu and easy to fall into.

OR since you're still in high schol, oyu could join some club. any club...I didn't speak any german but I joined the german club to get brats. turned out great. I still don't know any german...but I did eat a lot made some friends.

a good club to join for a resume is DECA or student council or some kinda honors thiing...otherwise it'd be a just fun thing.

push comes to shove call your buddies and go bowling...i have bowling is a game that most people are so terrible at that it's really all about having some fun. plus when you're trying to get to teams togethe you have to convince 7 people to all be in the same place t the same'll find that with everyone's busy schedule you'll have to call a ton of no time you'll be popular because you'll be calling people outside your clique

the key to killing laziness is to be active...then once you're doing stuff start setting some goals and all the sudden you'll be active and successful. the trick is staying active


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Are you just not feeling challanged by the things around you? I was fairly apathitic in H.s. too. I came to realize that what made me this way for the most part is the lack of challange in anything around me. I started finding things that could challange me and I became quite a bit less apathitic. So just try to challange your self with something, anything. It'll make a difference, especialy when you get that feeling of accomplishment.


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Canadia142 said:
Nothing like gettin shot in the back from 20 feet away by your own god damn trigger happy teammate hadhbgfgdsagdsajkb
LOL...I know exactly what you mean....and I do mean exactly. I swear you stole that line from me :)


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I get that a lot, though it was much worse in highschool. I'm just gonna second the advice to excercise and say that you should try to do something with interesting people because it's easier for someone else to force you out of apathy than it is for you. Or maybe I have no willpower.

If you can afford to go paintballing regularly though I'd say that's the best option.
i'm kinda like you when i get home...except i've most of my work in class and i usually don't have homework or have little left. I rarely get stressed over school...
Jeez, yea i have that feeling too, it feels baaaddd...

I just come home from school, sit there, i dont even wanna watch tv. One time i think i just sat there staring at some random spot in space for 4 hours. No food, no tv, no urge for either.... Grades are slippin tho, so that cant be good. I dont exactly like to sleep, seeing as my video game cravin kicks in at 1 am when i have given up doing the massive load of hw.

I cant really sleep comfortably unless im EXTREMELY tired. I was up for about 50 hours straight, and it was an ok night's go figure how much i gotta do to get a good night's sleep.

Someone come and tell me the point of learning all this that i will never use. I'm not gonna get a promotion at wateaver job i have for talking about Great GAtsby.., Im not runnin for the next Pythagoras so i have no use to know the graphs of 50 billion trig functions.... Someone tell me why i have to do this, maybe ill stop being so dangerously lazy. :sleep: