tons of socketed items FT


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tons of socketed items FT

I tried getting a price check for all of these and didn't get any responses, so i'm taking a shot in the dark as to their worth. Just give me an offer.
It's big list time! XD
4os Double Axe
5-13 damage
4os small crescent
38-60 damage
5os large siege bow
10-42 damage
5os chu-ko-nu
14-32 damage
4os giant sword
9-28 damage
4os feral axe (x2)
25-123 damage
6os halberd
12-45 damage
4os crowbill
14-34 damage
3os dragon shield
62 def
4os cleaver
10-33 damage


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Re: tons of socketed items FT

You might want to look around for a list of what socketable items are worth keeping. Unfortunatly, none of this really has any use.

I will offer a lem for the 6os halberd