Tomb Reaver


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Tomb Reaver

Just found my first tomb reaver. What do people think? Is this the best pole class weapon? what would you socket it with? (Mine is 3 sockets).

Havent decided if I will keep it or trade it. what is it worth? I know it is very rare. is it worth more then an SOJ.

Just looking for opinions about it.

BTW I Found it on USEAST Ladder.


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Thats a nice find, esp. 3 sockets. I have a 1 soc Reaver w/ amn for my defiance merc. Its definitely not SOJ material tho....mid rune (Pul,Um) is my guess

I've found its useful on mercs that U don't tele w/. Its cool when it makes Returned, but they are slow and stupid, and do not tele w/ you.

Its a fun weapon. Throw it on a merc and enjoy :)


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I would rather throw the axe away than trade for Pul or Um. Keeping it is a far better choice though...


That's a great weapon for a magic finding WW barb. I am still looking for one of those!

*Curses Voldemort for showing me the one he got last night!*