I've downloaded the program, but I have some problems understanding it. I open it and it says "please specify the path to the txt file." I'm just curious as to what this means, and also how I do that. Everyone must remember I'm not the brightest.


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Lemme see if I can remember this:

Step one - open up ATMA and then you open up your rune stash so you can see the listing of all your runes ...

Step two - you go to the Utility Menu and select "dump partial info"

Step three - if will ask you where to save the info. This will save all your rune totals into a .txt file called "runes" into your ATMA_CONFIG folder.

Step four - navigate to your ATMA_CONFIG folder and make sure you have extracted todesrunes into that folder and then double click it. todesrunes will check your ATMA_CONFIG folder to see if ATMA has created the "runes.txt" so that it can parse the totals held within that file.

Step five - it should come up in it's own window and then you select the options you want from 1-4. Select "4" to blame Durf, as usual.

Hope this helps.