Today is Friday. I hope.

El Communisto

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Today is Friday. I hope.

Haven't seen the daily yet, so I'll fire one up. It's Friday the world over, except for Samoa and a couple islands in that area.

I hate Act 2. I really do. If only there was a way to skip the whole bloody act. ESPECIALLY WHEN I'M PLAYING HC CHARACTERS! :rant:
Fish has been claimed by A2 Hell at level 77. He got farther than any other character I've made did. He had just completed the arcane sanctuary, and I exited to clear out his stash. Fired the game back up, went down into the sewers to get some quick skellies before going into the canyon of the magi, and died. I think I got hit by the FE bug, since there was only one skeleton around me, and when it died, I died.
And here I was thinking that Fish would make Guardian. I wasn't having any problems with monsters, and I was using CE like it was going out of style. Even the super-irritating Maggot Lair wasn't that bad.

Better go get started on another guy. :sigh:


(Butz - if you would be so kind as to update my Septavirate quest:
Fish - RIP - Level 77, A2 Hell. Died to FE Bug(?).
Also, I'm going to delete my Berserker barb as I'm already getting bored with him and I just got past the countess. I'll restart him another time.
Not sure what I'll start on next.)


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Doh, sorry to hear that EC, I'll make the updates as requested.

I'm working on pushing my Barb through normal to get to his Arreat's Face awaiting him at L42. :D Then at least I'll have 3 Destroyers on the go at the same time, which will be nice because I won't be "forced" to go back to normal from a single death, I can pick when I want to push another through that boring difficulty. :)

Oh, and I agree with you about Act II EC. Not so much because of deaths, I just don't like it much (I prefer the jungle than the desert). Usually these days it's just a mass of lightning beetles, leapers and spawners...dull and annoying as far as I'm concerned.

Butz. :teeth:


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Sorry for your loss EC. I use to play HC on and I can understand how frustrating it can be to lose a character due to a dumb bug.

For my part, I ran the Pits last night and scored a Wizendraw, Stormstrike and Guardian Angel (Templar Coat) :)

I decided to continue questing in Act 2 and got the staff. I'm happy I'm over with that on all diffuculties, I just hate that place with my skellemancer... Found a pair of Rite of Passage in the Maggot's Lair, at least it served for something,for once, questing there.

I guess I'll run the Pits a bit more this WE but will try to make Guardian so I can start a new character. Paly or Baba, not decided yet...


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Allright its Friday.. i get to play some d2 on the weekend....

oh ya Hey Good day everyone...have a great weekend and
look up at the moon...

peace :bow:


edit:^is that a squid up there^ i was told to look-out for them,
oh dammmm where's that Spearthrower?
* maybe he's cool * oh nevermind :scared:


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stuck @ work planning my ultimate hammerdin.. what about the entire griz set stuffed with ist runes :D now i just need 5 ist runes and i'm set :teeth:
*just kidding off course, i wouldnt wast my ists on that ^^*

good luck to all my favorite SPF players in their mf runs
yeah, i mean you, thats right, you :teeth:



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Still no D2 for me. And no signs of withdrawal... That's strange. :lol: (On a sidenote, the evil demogorgon was sent back into the abyss by my mighty sorcerer this morning. :D )

Sorry to hear about your loss, EC and that the berserker bores you. I found mine to be pretty cool and fun to play. Come to think of it, that guy is probably my best HC char ever. Maybe even my best char overall... :teeth:

El Communisto

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Nightfish - Barbs have always been my least favourite class to play. I enjoyed the singer barb, but I know he is not Hell viable without some twinkage. If I happen to run across some decent gear (like some of the equipment that MongoJerry used when he did his singer barb) I might try it again. But as it stands, he can't do diddly-squat to PI guys. I think I might try a frenzy barb, since dual wielding is cool. OTOH, I might see if I can stick with the berserker long enough to actually get Berserk and see what happens. :teeth:

I started up a Bowazon, because I'm dumb. Who knows how long she'll last before she either dies or gets deleted.

I think I'm starting to get burnt out on D2. Either that, or I'm just disenchanted with it right now after the death of the character I've been playing for several weeks. I'll try taking a few days off and see what happens.

Until then.
Cheers all


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I also play act2 hell for 7quest yesterday, and I don't like some parts also. Sand Maggot Hive , with coleoteres, a boss one was killed by my mercenary but anyway i had only 63 hp at his death ! archer are also a big menace.
and I meet a boss CI-FI dark lord and it was just before duriel, must kill him with a cold/fire sorc, serpents are also a big problem.
don't worry El Communisto, Raminagrobis avenged you and kill duriel.


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That will be all.

Haven't played D2 in a looooooong time. Don't expect to. Hope everyone has fun. ;)


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Did a couple of Hell Ancient's Way runs, chipping away some of the XP needed to get Aragorn and Ãrpád to level 95 and 94 respectively. Seeing Icebird's list really made me jump, so many levels to catch up to if I want to make this a real race ;-)



Kung Poo

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Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE act III? No, really. I hate it. A lot. Khalim can rot for all I care, and he can take his sorry relics with him.

Anyway, I got my shockadin, Alric, to the lower kurast waypoint in NM. I then went back and got the eyeball and the brain. Yippee.

It's not that I've really having that much trouble. I mean, I'm doing players 8, and I'm killing everything with extreme ease. The main issue is my defense/lack thereof. I have holy shield on constantly, and my block rate is decent (68%, at the moment). Defense is ehh... could be better, but I'm waiting to equip the Disciple set (I'm only clvl 59 right now). Yet, no matter what, I'll be bashing baddies in, and those pea-shooter guys always seem to hit me. It HURTS!! 2 shots, and poof, there goes a third of my life. If I didn't have halfway decent leech, I'd be very dead right now. I just can't WAIT until Hell difficulty.... *grumbly grumble*

/end rant

Ok, well, more time to play tonight, i think. Maybe I'll be in better spirits. Peace.



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Hardly got to play at all last night. I squeezed in about 5 Hell Meph runs and got a Meat Scraper Lochaber Axe and Demonsomething Destroyer Helm.

I don't really play barbs, so I'm not that excited, but it's still a cool drop.

Plan to run Mephisto this evening until my eyes bleed! :)


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Nothing new today...only countless Pit runs :teeth: I really want that freaking Hydra Bow so I can start my first 1.10 amazon. I also hope that I can trade some nice stuff for my grail, I posted my upgraded tradelist today.


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Playing some more of my Fishymancer today, just got my 5ht skelli in my army and killed The Smith to get that daft blonde's (Charsi's) hammer.. just trying to work out what to Imbue, and when, tempted to do a wand or a necrohead now... not sure... I'll probably wait till at least Act 2, but we shall see..



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yep glad it's friday, no more work for atleast two days...though right now I feel like quitting my job entirely. Nothing can put you down as much as having someone else's incompetence blamed on you...

Dave in the basement

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Howdy Everyone!

My D2 time last night was plentiful, but terribly uneventful. I did my fair share of Pindle running, and the only useful items dropped included Bartuc’s Cut Throat, and ethereal Frosties. He also dropped a rare maul that my L12 barbarian will receive during the next round of twinking.

As Pindle was being stingier than usual, I took my L21 Hammerdin-to-be out questing. He must be a lightning magnet, though, because the scarabs in act 2 ate him up. Methinks it is time to ditch Mil’s set and go for a hodge podge of better gear. I killed Radament and put him back on the shelf for the evening.

I then fired up Thak the Barbarian and moved him from level 6 to 12. The future IK-Barb killed Blood Raven and is preparing to rescue the old coot. He is hoping that Grimm will actually find him a nice set of Sacred Armor, as that would finish off his set.

And that is all I know. I hope y’all have a good one!



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Well, today I'm at the firestation, so for the next 12 hours, its long periods of utter bordem coupled with extreme periods of utter adrenaline and fear. We've already had 2 runs today including a pretty big structure fire, am still on standby for medic relief(if a firefighter is having trouble breathing after smoke or anything I go immediately). Seems like all I do is wait for that tone.

On the other hand, I spent most of last night leveling up my sorceress to 45, desperately seeking a non-ladder occulus. I had hoped I would have gotten my Fishy to 40 by now, but he still sits at 25 in the start of act 3, I really hate act 3 so, I just have no want to do it. Luckily I brought my laptop to work today so I can post and play diablo weeee.


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Didn't played any D2 here too. Been to busy with a girl friend of mine. She kept writing me a sex story with me and queen in it... what the hell?! :eek: Weird stuff.

Yeah Spook you know who I'm talking about! Things are getting too weird for my taste... :xmad:

Also, me and maybe 2-4 friends are probably going to see A Perfect Circle with Mars Volta on the 22th of April in Toronto! w00tzer!


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Good day all. How's it going?

Today I hope to continuing to bring my Zealot through normal but I first have to finish up my Database assignment and Systems presentation. :( Also today I will continue to try to resolve the problems I am having hosting MP. :grrr: Hopefully I will be able to clear that up fast because I would love to host some MP games today. :jig:


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Sweet, sweet Frozen Orb. Bringer of death and alas boredom. My Vegasorc made it to lvl 34 and I'm annoyed I can't go straight to NM Meph, then Hell Meph, maybe via the Lord Rahl direct to the ancients tricks? Still who knows maybe something nice will drop along the way. That's what keeps me playing. Sorry to hear about the Fishymancer, El Communisto. I couldn't play HC, I'm too careless, and if I ever got one 70+ and he died, there might be another disk snapping. So I can't risk it. Good weekend to all.