to low ar? ik set


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to low ar? ik set

using no charms
ik set
dual leech ring
atams (20% to ar)

getting a low ar of about 4k. is something wrong? i heard with ik i get about 10k ar. but seems like its not. wut should i do.

btw my ww has 5,200 ar. i think im gonan go mfing marrow and just get the most fin charms i can.


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My zeker barb had a bit over 6k AR with only a few points in mastery.

if you want to have more AR, the best way is to get dmg/ar charms. If those are not available, go for simple steel charms. Also, consider mastery.


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Halciet said:
Here's a discussion we were having on a similar topic a few days ago:

And here's a pic showing you the kind of ar you can get on the build if you used all the things mentioned in that thread (angelic, ar charms, demon limb, etc):
mk i used demon limb which placed it to 8k.. does angelic increase it by alot. all i see is 240 ar @ lvl 80 and 10 to dex. i dont think il see an improvment from using raven + atmas (20% ar). and if i do use angelic. wut should i givve up, dual leech or raven. all i have is ll w/ ik set and il need the mana...


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With the angelic ammy, each ring will add 12 ar a level (1188 base ar each at level 99) so two of them can add upwards of 13-16k ar. Not sure where you are getting your totals, but at level 80, with the amulet, each ring adds 960 base ar (you must be looking at the outdated statistics over on

Most whirlers I know have the ammy and two rings for pvp, and something like BK ring, Highlord's, and Ravenfrost for pvm.