To follow the path of many.....


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To follow the path of many.....

Ive decided to say good bye to Diablo2 and the many close friends i have made during my stay. I lost my 6th lvl 90+ char today , this time due to some unahandled exception error that booted me to windows and when i was able to reboot i saw a ghost staring back at me. While i am "upset" over the gear i lost im more upset over the time i invested playing that character ( skelly necro , still the most fun char ive played ever ) that could have been better spent with my kids who are growing up way too fast.

The bulk of my accounts im am just going to delete as to avoid trying to decide who gets what with a couple exceptions and they are as folows

To TerryManning : You may not recall but a few months back you helped me kill my first Diablo clone and i told you i would pay you back. so upon reading one of your posts i am giving you my full IK set all found by me.

To Billy : I want you to have my Tals Armor (1 of 2) for your current project. You were the other person who answered my call when i needed help with DC

If you guys do not need / want these i only ask that you give them to someone who you think will appreciate them.

There are a few other " groups of items" that i will give away to who ever wants them.

I will be on acct *Stimm-Ldr for the next hour and the first person to msg me for each group gets it. I only ask that you only claim 1 group.

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

The contents of the groups will be unknown till you get them.

There is more id like to add but im often accused of being long winded so ill shut up :lol:


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Hey, why don't you teach the kids to play? Then you can all run hell baal... and climb the ladder..... and find leet items... MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Seriously though congrats on sorting out your priorities and have fun raising the munchkins. GL.


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Mike, you have been my dearest on for over 2 years now.

We met in gat, we started scf.

I will miss you and I think my time is soon to come as well, I will do as you did and let our close friends have the gear.

I hope you have as much fun (more fun at that) with your kids and your family, from my experience with you I know that they will.

Good luck, and

Good grief! :buddies:



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Since your on West and I nvr got a chance to meet ya in a game, we have had our share of convo's through this board.

Glad to have shared the bandwidth with a person such as you.

Priorities have its ways and you have chosen the path that is most beneficial for you.

Good Luck to your future endeavors and don't be a stranger....

Stop by the boards here and there and KIT (keep it touch)




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oh, and also i'll be back on in a couple minutes got a realm down from checking all those accoutnts ... :scratch:


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I do remember...

You are too kind. I will try and get on in a few minutes and message you. I know what you mean about spending time with your family. My son turned four yesterday. I never realized how fast time slips away from you until I watched my son start to grow up. Best wishes to you and your family and I hope you enjoy your next "hobby" :lol: as much as you have Diablo. Should you ever decide to return, you always will always have someone to coop with.