titen qwest


titen qwest

hi sinec i lost my acc i was finking of start with new game
i herd that this game is many like diblo dose anyone know
if it is a good game??

is titenqwest beter then diblo or is diblo beter?
diblo is vary old now so i fink titen qwest mast be beter

pliz tell me wat u fink\

thx :prop:


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Have u ever thought about going to school to learn English instead of skipping lessons to play d2 (or any other game)?
Bad Religion said:
what exactly is a "troll" in this case, someone who does something just for attention?
Someone who takes up forum space with useless posts/threads and tries make the admins buy more servers so he can spread his word of uselessness.... this guy is a really bad case. Havn't seen him in a few months though.

@Attackyou: Long time no see, buddy. :tongue:


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I heard the graphics of Titans quest are nice, but there is no closed realm play like with Diablo. Characters are stored locally, opening up endless possibilities for people to modify their character data.