Tips for newer players?


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Tips for newer players?

I am not totally new to the game, i have played off and on out of boredom over the years and am now starting to get into it a little more in depth. I unfortunately do not know anybody that can help me out as far as getting started and getting over the bumps. I have completed nearly all of act 1 solo on my barb, and it is starting to get boring.

I have tried joining a few games but they always seem so chaotic and unorganized that i have no clue what is going on. Also D2 has some crazy lingo and acronyms that i do not quite get so it makes it a little confusing.

So, with that being said, does anyone have any newbie starting tips to offer up?

And if anybody wants to give me a hand, or keep me company i would greatly appreciate it. I am honestly not even sure how to contact people in game yet.

Account names i guess?


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Re: Tips for newer players?

Welcome to the forums.

You found the newcomer section alright, and that's always a good start :)

The stickies in this forum will answer a lot of your questions if you spend a little while looking for the right one. Make sure you get accustomed to the rules as well, of course - if you haven't already. There's some abbreviations/acronyms listed here and some recommended beginner character builds here. Whether you're a beginner or not, those builds should be among the easiest to play and probably not too dependant on items. As for acronyms, you should be able to pick them up as you go along - a lot are to do with items and spells which you'll probably end up using anyway.

However, if you find Bnet chaotic and unorganized, you'll always be welcome over at the SP forums :thumbup: I've spent all my time playing D2 SP so I can't really give any help to do with Bnet. There's not much that isn't possible with SP (The biggest exception being DClone), in fact stashing and muling are easier in SP.

Don't be afraid to head over to the Barbarian forum if you need help with yours or even just want to see what people do with theirs.

And finally - ask. We're all happy to answer questions if you want. The wiki can also help out plenty, especially if you're looking for something specific.

On a slightly different note, if you're finding the barbarian boring you may want to switch class, and you can always come back to the barb later. The page I linked about the builds will also tell you a bit about the play style of each one. It may be standing around hitting monsters to death repeatedly isn't what you're looking for. It may just be Act 1 you're not a fan of though, instead. In that case Act 2 should give you a refreshing change of scenery and monsters.


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Re: Tips for newer players?

First of all Welcome to the Addiction of Diablo II. Hopefully its either Act I or the Barbarian that is boring you and not the game itself.

I am a loyal SP player too (cuz my diablo II comp can't get online lol) but I have just started "really playing" about a month or 3 ago. Lingo gets caught on quick and after you know alot of items you should be able to assume like GC or SC (Grand Charm and Small Charm).

Honestly if your looking for an "easy" build I'd hunt through all of the class forums (eg. Necromancer, Paladin, Sorceress, Barbarian etc.) although if you go to Paladin you'll get either Tesladin or Hammerdin. I honestly hate hammerdin but we'll save that for another time :)

If I played Bnet I'd help you at any time but I don't and I'm quite sorry.

My biggest tip: I reccommend you grind the hell out of Baal till your level 50 (for nightmare difficulty) and 75 (for Hell difficulty) but grind the one on which difficulty you are in (-50 normal -75 Nightmare) because the game can get REALLY tough after normal. First 5 acts and the 1st act of Nightmare are pie and then Act II is quite ugly with lightning bugs (youll find them in act II) and in Nightmare resistances start playing an important role in the game.

I'm not sure of your playing style (as you have yet to figure it out yourself) but I would reccommend a Smiter but it is quite gear dependant...

I reccommend looking up builds instead of randomly putting points into your skills (you have problems around act V) but keep in mind to try to find a way to use EACH skill possible. Find out what you like and don't and move on from that.

Note: You could always do a Frenzy Barbarian but I died on my HC (I'm devastated D: ) because of low resists... that and my life leech wasn't working as well as it should have.


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Re: Tips for newer players?

Try a sorc. They're tons of fun for new people. With the 3 respecs, you can try all 3 elements and not have to level up every time, before 1.13c. You will love teleport ;)

I recommend fireball sorc first, then freezing orb, then chain lightning.

Remember to max the skill and its synergies for best damage!


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Re: Tips for newer players?

Welcome to D2!

Im bored at work, so you get to benefit from my long drawn out dissertations on diablo 2 ;) hope you can stay awake.

edit: holy crud that's a long post, be prepared with extra coffee.think I broke my record on this one.

A few of the more common starter builds:

1) Meteorb sorc - a combination of frozen orb and the meteor make a pretty decent killing combo. slow to start with but past normal is a very effective crowd killer and Magic find class. Low gear requirements. teleport makes for ease of travel and helps to avoid monster packs that are dangerous. due to teleport this is the most common class to use for Magic find (various builds though, lightning and blizzard are two other popular builds). I like meteorb the most for its general versatility, and meteor looks kewl when it comes crashing down!

2) Fishymancer - Named after the dude who made the build, its basically a summon necromancer. easiest non twink class to play (though i tend to kill mine by nightmare :p ...think i space out too much while the skellies kill things and i get jumped). you can literally run the game with a summoner nekked and still make it. umm...not the most involved class there is ,but very safe. this is pretty much the default starter class in Hardcore. and they dont' look very good nekked, take my word for it. but they can do eet.

3) Trapper Assassin - Similar to the sorc with a few more defensive options, but not as versatile. uses lightning traps and an explosive one to kill mobs, relies on running speed and Crowd Control skills to keep mobs off of them. I enjoy the balance of this build...the traps allow you to lay down your smack and then run around avoiding everything while the traps kill them. this is the only class that allows you to run screaming like a little girl while your killing stuff at the same time. I run in circles, makes it funner.

there are obviously more options, but these are probably the most common ones folks start with. They have the best balance of killing speed with lower gear requirements then most other builds. there's tons of builds out there, don't think these are the only ones, but they are pretty common for starters.

A few things to keep in mind on Bnet (and this mostly applies to Softcore, i ran out of room to explain hardcore.):

often many decide to 'rush' their toons, by joining games specifically designed to just level as fast asl possible. these game types are called trist runs (for lvls 5-14 or so), tomb runs (18-22), and cow runs (21-24). the inbetween levels are often filled with running around in act 2 killing stuff in higher population games. These games will often have the appropriate area in the title, such as "tristing04" or "ngbaal-06" or "tele-baal07" and so forth.

these are often run in strings and go pretty quickly...if running them is your desire i recommend that you copy the game name to your clipboard (ctrl+c), and use the paste function (ctrl+v) rather then typing it in to speed up hopping in the next game (they're usually sequential). the good games can fill up fast. they aren't to hard to do...hop in game, type in 'PP' (for Party Please), wait for someone to open a portal, and follow the crowd, you'll get the hang of it fast.

From there it's your choice. I prefer to run the game, but most folks who are impatient (or are leveling their hundreth toon) have someone rush them to act5 and help them complete the ancients quest at level 24. this bumps you up to 25 and allows you to get to baals throne room. that is the end of the traditional 'rush'.

Usually from there most folks do what are called Baal runs, which are very similar to the above..running baal over and over again to gain levels. Very boring from my point of view. but I figured I'd give you a primer as to what you may be seeing when you log in and get your list of games to pop up. baal runs are a good option either way, once you've hit act 5. Even if you leveled on your own, you are often below the recommended level to enter Nightmare (mid 30's is usually what i get to when i solo run the whole thing). Baal runs go fast and get you up to where you need to be to enter NM. I recommend anywhere from 40-50 depending on your comfort level and gear setup. 42-44 is usually good balance range unless your having a hard time getting gear.

games with items in the name are usually specific trade requests. "um4shako" as an example means that the game creator has an um, and desires to trade for a Harlequin Crest, a very popular high level helm (nicknamed shako). if you see teh term 'script' in any game (such as "my um 4 script), it just refers to the little notes column in the game detail. select the game and you should be able to read it at the top of the game description.

any game with the term 'perm' in it is usually an open ended game for folks to leave their storage mules or other toons to sit for the minimum time to eliminate the delete timer. Tip: if these perm games are new, its a great place to level solo as you often have 4-6 mules sitting in town, and this increases the exp you get from kills.

Most the other games you see are just oddball names folks made up on their own. Anything with a password will not show up on that list, so if you dont' want others joining your game, or if you just simply don't want it to show, give it a password.

On gear: One of the advantages of Bnet is the option to trade. there are trade forums for all the severs available. Most folks will often list their items available for trade, and often the lowest price to buy it (also called 'bin'). so if someone says ill bin for 4 pgems, they mean that the first person to offer them 4 pgems for the item gets it. runes and pgems are the trading currencies, and many good items can be had for just a few Pgems (Perfect Gems). Keep all the gems you can find and use them to trade with, and you'll have a decent set of gear in no time.

last tip (I promies).

most Bnetters store their excess gear by storing it on mule toons (you may see this term pop up). basically all they are doing is moving items they found on one character to another character that is devoted entirely to storing extra items (like an old pack mule, hence the name). the process isn't difficult, but it's important to remember the specific steps to create your own mule game. the best option is to simply have a friend you TRUST to hang out in game (let them kill baal or something while you mule). If you don't have that option, then you have to 'perm' a game so it will stay around long enough for you to transfer gear. whether you perm a game or have a bud hang out, it's critical to obey the 10 second rule listed below.

to perm a game you need to make a normal (not nightmare or hell) game (with a password! its your private game keep it that way), sit in the game for at least 5 minutes, doing whatever (kill baal, pick your nose, run around killing mobs for chipped gems, etc.). once you've been in game for at least 5 minutes you can leave the game, and I believe it will stay open for at least 5 minutes after you leave. This timer resets each time you hop into the game with another toon, so your effective time is unlimited as long as you hop in to the game at least once every few minutes (30 seconds is a safe balance IMO).

from there you can drop items on the ground, hop over to a mule toon on your account, log back into the game, and they will still be there. there's a few things you have to keep in mind tho with this approach.

1) it's not a game mechanic that's officially designed by blizzard. they don't' have any rules against it, but they don't actively promote it, so any gear that is lost due to whatever (lag, people hopping in and stealing, etc), is solely the responsibility of the player. don't let that scare you off though. if done well its a very safe way to mule items. My record so far for the number of times i've hopped in and out is around 40 hops or so in one game. Yes, lag can drop a game, yes, bnet can killit for no reason, but it's rare.

2) the way to keep it safe when hopping the game to mule to follow the 10 second rule: ALWAYS wait for at least 6-10 seconds every time you switch screens. I log my toon out of the game, count to 10, then exit back out to the character selection screen, count to 10, select my next toon (the mule usually) to enter the game selection screen, count to 10, then enter the game. I've spent an hour or more at times muling stuff this way with no problems, so it works well. But there are times when things do go wrong, so if you have sensitive items you want to transfer, and don't trust yoru internet connection or the game state at the time, get a friend to help. that being said, I've muled evrything myself solo this ladder, and have yet to lose anything.


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Re: Tips for newer players?

Yeah, I played the game when it first came out and then took a long break. I recently came back when I heard they put out a new patch and there were free respecs. I got three lvl 80ish characters now, a whirlwind barb, a poisonmancer necro, and a chainlighting/frozen orb sorc, and it really keeps things interesting because all three play really differently.

With the barb, I like to run the Trav council and Nithalak, and I basically just charge in, hold down whirlwind, and take everything down with my 3.7k life and no worries. Whereas my sorc is all about speed, and I like to run bosses like meph and andy as well as for keys in countess and summoner. Of course, she's fragile as hell, so it's always a tricky mix of avoiding damage and spamming the right spells. And my favorite character is my necro, because he's so laid back, and I have an army and a bunch of curses at my disposal so I can pretty much roll through Chaos Sanctuary and Worldstone Keep while spamming poison nova and corpse explosion.

I think what keeps things interesting to me now is being able to use the trade forums here, and just swap the stuff I find for better gear. I'm going to probably make a paladin next and start to run ubers and torches to use as currency to make some higher level runewords like infinity and enigma.

I play on US East softcore ladders, and I'd be happy to quest with you or give you a rush or whatever. Just go into your chat box and type /w *jamesjoyce616.