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Tips for my future HC char

Discussion in 'Hardcore' started by KiraZ, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. KiraZ

    KiraZ IncGamers Member

    Mar 20, 2012
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    Tips for my future HC char

    Hi, everyone. Has been lurking this forum for several years while playing D2 until this happens.....

    So, I just lost my Leoric_VII Fishymancer today. He's just level 43 on SP A5 Norm. I know it's not much compared to u guys here who have experienced L80+ lost, but still...

    Anw, I was running Norm CS in /p8 untwinked for exp and loot with my MF gear b4 tackling Nithlanak quest (I bet u know where this leads to..) Everything went smoothly with my 9 skele, 3 magi, clay and my faithful merc. I basically decrep everyone from river of flames onwards every 5 secs, spamming pnova and CE along the way. No skele at all die until the 5 seals are open and I have done this several times already, so you can imagine that I grew complacent. Lastly, the Big D himself. I had clay golem, decrep, and cold mages (I use 2 cold, in case 1 died from the AoE spam), and I thought, "well, this is going to be slow but steady kill". The last thing I remembered was charging to him and received lightning hose full in the face before I even reacted with full rejuv pots and stared at that Deeds thingy in shock.

    Well, not 100% in shock, actually. I obviously downplayed survival in HC too much, having approx. 150% MF (in Normal WITHOUT any topazes or MF weapon, so that's quite a lot) while having 500 life, 34F/17C/27L/90P res WITH Anya reward (in other words, not much). Should've known to stack more res, NOT MF. Apparently that Amulet of Luck does not make me lucky in HC...

    Since this is my first char to reach A5 Norm (played too many un-cookie cutterish builds b4 settling on Fishy) in HC, I initially thought of playing SC, then on looting this char for my new char (he wore Tarnhelm, perfect Nagel, Manald, Venom Ward, w/ merc holding a very nice up'ed rare polearm), then on looking up the game code to change the HC to SC. Eventually though, I thought, "Screw those! Imma going RISE UP like what my necro does." And now another Level 1 Fishymancer is born.

    Some questions, though before I manhandle that pesky Diablo for revenge:
    1. What are some attack pattern Diablo have to predict its next attack ? (such as lifting his hand --> lightning hose, etc)
    2. What are mental checklists you guys have when optimizing chars for survival ? (so far I only had 75 all res, 50% PDR & probably considering 75% block)
    3. Even with all those (2.) checklists fulfilled, how can you still die ? (Or "under what circumstances can you die wearing your survival gear, barring lag/afk/not concentrating/ignorance, you get the drift) I just want to know if any monster can OHK me even with nice gear.
    4. How do you balance MF, survival, and killing speed ? Can you even get reasonable MF% after considering your survival ? Or do you set gear for, say, 200% MF first and then optimizing survival ?

    These are more towards my late game as Fishy rather than tackling Norm Diablo, as I have learned a lot and definitely won't fall to him again. I'm just anxious about my 2nd Fishy life expectancy and dying before reaching the good stuffs in the end. Thanks a lot for reading. :wave::wave:
  2. Rekoc

    Rekoc IncGamers Member

    Apr 30, 2004
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    Re: Tips for my future HC char

    Magic find should come up LAST on your list for things to gear for.

    Survival will be number 1, followed by killing speed.

    For your summoner here are some tips:
    -Dont get max block, you will rarely be targeted over your minions.
    -Since your not going for block I would suggest putting enough points to use Wiz dagger (75) so if you do find one you can equip it, but you wont need to get that many points into it till your in your 70's.
    -For stats Id say get around 90str/75dex/rest into vit/none into energy.
    -Your killing speed will increase a ton by getting a act 2 merc with a crushing blow weapon/armor. When you hit act 2 nm get a might merc as well.
    -You can always die in hardcore to pretty much anything. The dolls in act 3 and 5 are a big killer, they are fast and explode, be careful of those. Always be prepared for death. Always. I prefer non full rejuvs to full ones because Full rejuvs actually take a second to kick in, while the others are instant and spamming them is good.

    Can't think of anything else to put, but if you have more questions post em and Ill see if I can help anymore ^^.


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