tips for es enchantress hc


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tips for es enchantress hc

I would like to start by stating that this is for the "I've got the melee blues" tournament and anyone not wanting to give me advantages should stop reading right away.

So, I'm building an enchantress based on the Energy shield skill and its synergy in tk.
I want to be able to utilize the energy shield to the max, while doing enough damage to be able to get a long way into the game (read: some acts into hell)
This might seem crazy, but it gets worse. The rules of the tournament states that no ranged skills or attacks may be used and only magic (blue) equipment plus saphires may be used...
If that wasn't enough I have never played a sorceress in my life...
So... How should i do it?
This is roughly what I have been planning by lvl 30:
Stats (base)
Str: 70 ish
Dex: Base or enough for equipment
Vit: 50 (crazy I know)
Energy: rest.

Frozen armor: 1

Tk: 1
Teleport: 1
Energy shield: 7
Thunder storm: 1
Pre-reqs 1

Heat: 1
Enchant: 13
Fire mastery: 1
pre reqs: 1

Tips on equipment and point placement will be appreciated, I'm a n00b.

Edit: I'm Swedish, so you'll have to live with all the spelling/gramatical errors.


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you want at least 5 in tk to prevent your bulb from being drained with one hit in hell, at least 10 to be able to take the hardest hit possible, and at least 15-17 to use it as your primary source of protection.

since you aren't allowed to use runewords, the highest pre-buff you can probably get is a 3 lightning/3 ES orb/staff. if ES will be your main or only source of protection, you must raise it to 20 and get whatever extra skills you can. lvl 26 will give around 75% protection.

here's a basic setup:
10-20 tk
5-20 ES
20 main spell
20 main mastery
20 synergy (although i doubt you'll get that far into this tournament, you'll need to be around 78 to finish the other stuff first.)

thunderstorm is a waste, imho. at 1pt, it does nothing, and you had to use another point in nova to get it.

you might want to think about adding blocking. without uniques or runewords, pure energy will only give you around 600 mana at lvl 80 with 300 energy, which is not nearly enough for energy shield (generally, 1k is enough, which you can't get without using uniques like frostburns, silkweaves, harle, etc.) i have a feeling your only mana will come from "bahamuts" items and serpent charms, and you won't nearly have enough from that alone.


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i read your post twice actually. i agree on pretty much everything Superhal said.

can you use a merc? if so, you still have a chance to succeed, and never die. if you can't use merc, you probably don't have any chance to finish up Hell without breaking the rules (perhaps not even NM).

here is a few things i'd do in your shoes:

- at least 1 pt by 30 in every skill you will need
- get enchant to lvl 20 first
- get ES to lvl 7 and stop
- get TK to lvl 20 next
- get warmth to lvl 20 next
- get ES to lvl 20 next
- either rest into fire mastery (if you use a melee wpn extensively),
- or divide up between TS and FM (if you do use TS, add 1 pt in LM!).

- optional: 1 pt in glacial spike may help a lot.

- vita = 50 is already enough; the more, the worse; leave it at base 10, if you dare.
- str = 70+ is already pretty high, 60 may be enough, stop at 75 regardless.
- dex = 25 is excellent - waste some points here if and only if you are desperate for using some items.
- all of your remaining stat points should go to energy.

Norm/NM games should be okay with you.

In Hell, your first thing to do is tele like no tomorrow.
You don't have to kill everything , do you?
Help your merc to kill the stuff that you have to but can't or can't handle safely.

As for merc, Norm Defensive is very likely your best bet, because he can survive better than any other merc, given very poor gear.

In NM/Hell, similar to your Defiance merc, you won't depend on blocking for survival, and you will very unlikely be afraid of most physical attacks. But watch out for poison/magic/explosive attacks - all these can drain your small life orb very fast - perhaps faster than you could ever imagine without having seen it at least once.

Watch out mana burn that comes with melee attackers. Once mana burned by a melee attacker, teleport right away! If you don't, you may have to die in the next second.

Note: your max'ed warmth and 400+ energy (end of game) should be more than enough for you to do at least 1 tele in a split of sec after 1st mana burn is received.

Also note: keep your ES on forever! once it's dropped, any hit you take in Hell may instantly send you to the graveyard.

you'll get mana curse in act5 and by Baal - but that's how your life goes.

good luck.


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Thanx for the tips. I will listen to most of them =).
Do you have any thoughts on what to look for in early - midgame equipment? (lategame will be addressed if I ever make it there )


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As usual I am having trouble finishing Duriel. That seems to be a recurring problem for my trickier chars.
I have been surviving on my merc (7+2 enchant) since the beginning of the act and everyone knows that killing duriel with a merc is more than difficult.
Any pointers? static is banned. as is almost everything xcept enchant, es and teleport.

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well first off always use Thawing potions the guy in act 2 sells before fighting him. Give one to your merc too. It ups your cold res alot for a while. Maybe find an item with charges of something usefull(a curse). Otherwise lvl your merc and yourself and just use the thawings and take your time..


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I would advise putting more points into Vit. The fact is, there will be occasions where you suddenly lose all your mana (mana drainers, mana burn), and you will take a hit. If you do not have at least 500 life in Hell, you will not survive that hit.

And remember, fight Oblivion Knights with your fist.


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in norm and nm, 1pt static eats all bosses up alive. a high blocking shield helps, even if you don't have dex. if worst comes to worst, you can let your merc die for 2-3 statics. the past few times, i've killed him using a staff. the last time though he got me when i used base vit + staff.