Tips/Advice for starting beginner?


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I am just starting out and trying to build Hammerdin.
However, am still in Normal difficulty and like to play Normal without rushing.
Can some people recommend me what rune words & gem socket stuff I can make?
Here is what I currently have:

my merc stuff


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It looks a little early for you to be trying to make runewords. Even if you could make them, the ones you'd want to make would only be of use to a higher-level character anyway, and even if you were higher in level, there really aren't that many runewords that are great for hammerdins. That being said...

If you get a decent 3-socket shield, especially a paladin-only shield with bonus resistance, you it would be worth it to make an Ancient's Pledge runeword in your shield. That would help keep you alive. You even get the runes for it from Qual-Kehk as a reward for his quest in Act V. That could reasonably be the best shield you could find for quite a while.

With a two-socket shield, you could make a Rhyme shield instead. Defensively, it's a bit weaker, but the mana regeneration is nice for your purposes.

If you have access to ladder-only runewords, then you'll want to shoot for a Spirit runeword in a 4-socket shield.

For a weapon, if you find one with five sockets, you could make an Honor runeword. I wouldn't be the worst thing to have, but hopefully you can find something better.

You might as well use a two-socket helm to make a Lore runeword. If you get lucky, you can find a better helm, but it'll probably take a while, and Lore is easy to make.

Alternatively, with a 3-socket helm, you could make Radiance. Not much harder to make than Lore.

Other runewords are a ways off for you.