tiny FT/ISO


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tiny FT/ISO

I am trying to gear up my Amazon, and I've been searching EVERYWHERE for these items. So if you happen to be the few that hold these items, DO NOT HESITATE to reply and post a price! Thanks guys.

20/15 Griffon's Eye (NEW)
5/5 Die Light Rainbow Facet (NEW)
+3 Skill/20 IAS Javelin Magical Glove (NEW)
+2 Skill/20 IAS/Knockback (ONLY) Rare Glove (NEW)

I am also willing to take any currency runes, but the Fortitude and Griffon's Eye will only be for my DISO - sorry folks.

18/13 Griffon's Eye (NEW)
100 PSN SC (NEW)
1 to Summoning (Necromancer) GC (NEW)
130 D/189 ED Silkweave (...lol)
Key of Terror
Key of Destruction
33/13 Verdungo's Hearty Cord
4/-5 Die Fire Rainbow Facet
9 LL/135 DvM Carrion Wind

I also have many high level runes such as Pul, Um, Mal, Ist, Ber, Jah, Zod. Thanks again!
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Re: tiny FT/ISO

List has been updated. Enjoy!

P.S. Honest question, does anyone on this forum even have a perfect Griffon's Eye for trade? This item seems to be rarer than a chupacabra.
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