*timorously* Hello?


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*timorously* Hello?

Howdy, SPFer's.

I think a formal introduction is in order, though I have posted here before. I am DudSpud. I started this game in fits and starts in SP 1.10, only getting one Mat and a Conc Barb to late-NM. I lurked on this board and others for a while, but was finally enticed to join, and join B.net, when the last batch of runewords came out. It was difficult at first, adjusting to B.net play from my careful, pack-rat style of play, but I managed (and all those chips finally started paying off). I met up with some nice people through the runeword hunt thread and at the AB, and they generously helped me over the hump, so that I am now at the stage where I can find or trade for most of what I need to make the builds I want to try out.

I am still working on the Zon's. I started with Javies, then hybrids, now bowies, and I am focusing on collecting gear for Spearies. Along the way a few mules, notably a zealot and a wwolf, have caught my eye...

Still, I am not satisfied. I find that I mostly play single in closed games, because I cannot give up my SP-packrat mentality. Who knows, that blue wand may be just the thing for a future necro build I was thinking about, and then there is the gambling *ahem* issue... And, as I refuse to play a character who can't solo if need be, I am starting to wonder why I put up with the hassle of muling, lag, etc.

So I am thinking of moving back to SP, though it is hard to think about leaving behind the wealth I have generated and the builds it allows me to test out. After another lag-death (obviouly not my lack of skill...) and a loss of a bunch of gems and crafting runes due to dropped connection, I figured I'd look into the SPF scene just to see how things are going.

Hmmm. I didn't play SP for very long, but I found a few nice items (Butcher's Pupil for that Barb), shaft, shako, perfect Tal's Crystal, and some runes (Gul, Um). As Zons are currently all the rage in the House of Spud, I figured I'd visit the SPF trade forum and see if I might be able to trade my currently meager holdings to make a Pit/Cow running hybrid.

The tone was very different from what I experienced from my trades on the East Forum. People were chipper and friendly within a certain group, but very skeptical, perhaps even hostile, to outsiders. This started to make sense as I read the rules and the rule change thread (yes, I am weird, I actually read stickies)- people are afraid of getting dupes, especially runes. There were suggestions that introductions be made here, so here I came.

And what do I see but "The Edge666 Imbroglio of 2005." It's been almost six months - where did I find that Shako? One Hell and two NM HF runs, and I just happen to get the best drop for each? How am I going to explain that?

I thought maybe I should stay low for awhile. Then I thought, what better time to appear, with all the negative vibes concerning edge666, perhaps I can change the subject, and maybe, if people felt a little better about the SPF, maybe a little of that would rub off on me. A mischeivious grin grin crossed my lips as I pondered playing the situation to my benefit...

Oh, but then it occured to me that I'd better not mention the runes - they're probably the first thing a n00b like me would be accused of duping, and they can't be traded here anyway.

And then I remembered how I got the Um. My Conc Barb got caught in a little alcove in the RoF, surrounded by Urdars. Me and the merc were thwacking a small pack pretty good when a few more came out of nowhere. Then I notice that our flank got closed off by one of those poison spitting bugs (hiding underground?) and little ones from an egg that we must have missed. The only retreat was forward where we ran smack into Hephaesto. At this point, we are separated, and the merc is seeing stars almost constantly (shout must have fallen), so I leap by his side, backing a few of them up, and start howling. This gave me some breathing room to juve him, as Hephaesto bore down us. I got a shout off just as he started swinging. We engaged him, with me howling every couple of swings to keep the mob at bay, but the mana was getting low. Then I let the Udars get close enough, and started pounding one until we got a corpse, when I threw up a grim ward (Thanks, Hal!). Most everything scattered, and Hephaesto went down soon after. I went straight for the forge, leaving Haseem to pick off the stragglers. Weapon switch, thunk, smash, Um!

I think we all know the feeling, and I guess that's why SPF traders are a little edgy about trading. They want to believe that, even if they didn't find the item themselves, the item they traded for still has a little bit of the struggle to get it imbued in the pixels, just like the item they used to trade for it.

And so it occured to me that there really is no sense in trying to game the situation to my benefit, people will find who/what I am eventually. Maybe then they can tell me.



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Let me be the first to say welcome to the forums. Mind the giant squid, and the shinkickers. Cheers!

Edit: Fine, let me be the second to say...


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Welcome to the forums!

That's gotta be one of the longest intro threads I've ever read!

Nice write-up on the Um-finding, by the way. :)


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Welcome! Have some cookies! Most of us here do try to be nice but we tend to get smacked by the bad apples so we get really wary sometimes, and we seem to be getting more than our share latly. Unforunatly we've even experianced this from long time friends and memebers, sad but true. The shin kicking is just initianation, so don't worry, it's not a flame thing.

The creative writing is lovely!!! Won't you join a tourney? Or better yet, start one? It'll make things so interesting! Come on by the EMB to experiance the nice, crazy, friendly side of our little forum.


Welcome! I too made the jump here from B-Net, and by being able to use the /players x command, keep the same map, and use ATMA I was able to generate more wealth than I had on the realms. I've barely dipped into trading, but I suspect that as long as you don't make unrealistic claims you'll be treated fine.

I love 'zons too - I have a level 92 LF / PJ zon, and am currently working on levelling a strafer. (Level 42 ATM, Act V Normal.) What 'zon build are you working on?

- Noodle


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Omg, an Um rune! Hacker alert! Hacker alert!

Don't mind me, I just troll here since I play B-net. But anyone who expands my vocabulary twice in one post gets my stamp of approval! (timorously, thought it was from root temerity, but it is from timorousness instead.. and then there is Imbroglio)

I couldn't help but mention though... you mispelled mischievous! :D


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Welcome to the SPF. I wouldn't worry too much about people accusing you of anything illicit unless you show a pattern of bad behavior or questionable possesions. I have not yet seen someone get the fingers pointed at him if he hadn't done anything to deserve it.

That said, enjoy your stay here and beware the squid.


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Welcome to the SPF, read all the stickies, have a glance at the ATMA thread and feel free to ask any questions you may have. Enjoy your stay.



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Thanks for the welcome all. As I become more familiar with forums in general, I am growing to understand the odd dynamics. Oh, and I came prepared with shinguards.
Noodle said:
I love 'zons too - I have a level 92 LF / PJ zon, and am currently working on levelling a strafer. (Level 42 ATM, Act V Normal.) What 'zon build are you working on?

- Noodle
My first and only SP Mat, Runehild, is an LF/PJ/FA/ChS zon, sort of... She was my second zon, first character in NM, so the skill distribution is a little less than optimal for Hell. On the realms, I started out replicating Runehild, and mat'ed her. Then I shifted to all bow, strafe/FA. Then I found the Javie grail, Titan's, and I am close to Mating a WWS/LF strafer. I still haven't mastered multi yet, so the next project is a multi/strafer mix, probably by skimping a bit on Valk. I'll decide on the elemental tree late in NM, or rebuild if needed. Oh, and I keep my eye out for nice spears for an eventual spearie...

I am leaning more strongly now to going back to SP. The problem is a good bow. Struggling with Runehild, an LF/PJ at the time, as she encountered her first LI's in Hell, I did a bunch of countess runs until I could make a matriarchal Melody. This worked great, because the next boss pack I met dropped a Kuko. I think this bow is much better than I see it getting credit for - at least on the Realms, especially for a hybrid. Other than that, the pickings are slim. At least with Runehild (SP), I was able to craft a nice set of safety Javelins for her. I will probably take my SP Conc barb to Hell HF, and then use him to imbue some Mat bow. I think the runes for Silence are a fair ways off, though.

Still, the difficulty of getting items in SP is also a blessing, because the harder it is the more fun it is when you finally succeed. Wish me luck!



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Dud has been a regular contributor to the Amazon forum. You guys will find his game knowledge is considerable.

Hope to see you back at my forum Dud!