time is long


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time is long

I have a lot of time to write everything I'm going to write here. I just sat down at this computer and nobody is around to stop me... not even myself. I do this of my own free will!

There will be the same old monsters. In fact, zombies will still be called Zombies and Act 4 will be surprisingly harder than act 3.

Act 5 has been removed due to Baal run boredom. Cows will be unnerfed, but Wirt's Leg has been removed due to the rise of Wirt's leg duping.

Threads in the Diablo III forum will be spoofed, and spoofings of the spoofs will be sammichized and turned into Limburger and head cheese.

Diablo 3 is indeed in the works. The proof can be found here As well as HERE. You won't find anything here, though.

P.S. there will be a new Chuck Norris level!


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Re: time is long

Well, actually for me only the first part about having lots of time was hilarious, sorry. Then afterwards it got old fast :p