Time for my Pala to go über trist. But?


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Time for my Pala to go über trist. But?

Hi all ...

I collected all the organs, And the only "boss" i had trouble with was Lillith, sister of Andariel ... But alot has that :) .. as far as i know ^^

But still, iam not sure i can handle über trist ...

Heres my build ... (smiter) lvl 78

20 points in Sacrifice

20 points in Zeal

20 points in Fanaticism

20 points in Holy shield

1 point in Smite

1 point in Salvation

And here is my equipment.

Armor = Enigma

Sheild = Zaka

Gloves = Draculs grisp

Belt = String of ears

Boots = Gore riders

Rings = 2x ravenfrost

Amu = Mahim oak

Helm = Viel of steel (because of the resist) ?

Weapond = Heavens of light + 2x sheal

All my res are 73 in hell

Do u think i can make it?

If no : what else (spell, equipment) should i get?

If yes : what spells should i use to kill em?

BIG BIG thx for the help in advance... :)

Pom Shadd

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Get more cb, resists, and use smite. If you dont need the str, swap enigma for coh or smoke or lionheart. use um'd guillaumes, goblintoe, put a tgods instead of string of ears, and a dwarf star instead of one of the ravenfrosts.

LW would make a better weapon (if you can afford, in a pb), with grief/exile on switch. not necessary though.


more resist ?

I alomost have max ...

Is the last 2 points really necessary?
It is necessary when mephisto's conviction hits u and lowers ur resists by 120 you will want more of them. With ur current equipment you will have -43 resistance to lite and mephisto will rape u.

Eilo Rytyj

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Meph's Conviction lowers by 125%. Your Salvation will increase your resist by around 80%. That means you need to stack your resist at least 40% above max and run Salvation to give yourself an easy time versus Meph.

If you're not relying on Enigma for the +strength to equip gear, then ditch it for something better (it feels weird saying that about Enigma...). If you play on Ladder, then a Fortitude will definately serve you better if you can make one. Otherwise CoH is just as good with the +damage to demons% and higher resists.


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If you want even more resists, find an item with chance to cast Fade. Such as Treachery (Runeword armor), or that Ward shield or something (Unique).


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Or LW. Yet another reason why it's a dope uber-fighting weapon.

True. But if he has LW, then there really isn't a need to post this thread..


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The hardest beast in the Ubers is Meph. He has lvl 23 conviction which, as others have said, will lower your resists by 125%. Meph dishes out elemental damage and is surrounded by minions who do the same. If you don't maintain max resists you will be toast. You need to have some way to deal with this.

There are 2 ways to maintain your max resists. You can increase your resists by 125% or have lvl 23+1 conviction and override mephs conviction.

The following gear will allow you to increase your resists:

1) Kiras with an UM can give +85%
2) COH is 65%
3) Torch is up to 20%
4) Anni is up to 20%
5) Mara's amulet is up to 30%
6) Resists SCs are up 7% per
7) Sancturary shield on a pally shield is up to 115%

You need to keep dracs because they supply the required life tap.

COH is much better than Enigma because of resists and 200% ed to demons 100% ed to undead.

You can also boost resist by running salvation when tackling meph. It will help, but not provide the complete solution. You could use a offensive aura gcs to boost your salvation.

The alternative to boosting resists is to run lvl 24 conviction. I probably is not possible for you to develop this lvl of conviction. I think you could have a party member with this lvl of conviction to overide meph's conviction.


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You should have at least 50% crushing blow and I think Heavens Light is only 33%. Gore rider boots would boost this to 50%.

You need boo to battle the ubers. CTA can double your life and double your chances of success. The best is to have a yoddle barb who can shout to boost your defenses and bo to boost your life way up there.

I have used Lawbringer with its lvl 18 sactuary to take out the numerouse undead minions before tackling the bosses. It works great.

There are lots of immunes in uber trist. I have seen lots of beasts that are multiple immunes. You will have a very hard time with immunes to physical damage.


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my smiters gear- (cheaper than most, but does it like 1000x better) his record is like... 43 secs or something

Helm- 84res Kiras (69base, um'd)
Ammy- Highlords (+1Skills, Light Res, Ias)
Armor- Um'd Guardian Angel (amazing stats... read it.)
Weapon- 'ShaelBer' Heavens Light (53%cb and 20 more ias. sexy)
Shield- 43res Base Eth Sacred Targe "Exile" (cant beat it ;D)
Belt- TGods (sorb much? also str, vit)
Ring 1- Ravenfrost (dex, cbf, sorb)
Ring 2- Dwarf Star (life, sorb)
Gloves- Draculs (Life tap?)
Boots- Goblin Toes (25%cb and a little slower movement, gores other mods dont go to smite)
SWITCH- 5bocta+spirit (life+mana pwns u)
Charms- PTorch, Anni, res charms, life charms

95ares in Hell, after he proc's fade with treachery armor, he has about 65 all res with mephs conviction on him. 78%cb, max block, 22k defense.

Try it out :thumbsup: