Time for another round of "Rate the Rare".


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Not bad. The 35% LR is sweet. 30% FRW is also a nice touch. Definately a keeper. But the required level is kind of a bummer. I might be looking for other mods on unique boots by then. But, I would still keep them, and depending on the character, I may wear them, too. Especially if I am entering WSK and am low on LR.

Nice find! :thumbsup:


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Nice shoes, better than the Nat's my current Bowzon is using. For a Java I'd use other boots than those though. Still, they are keepers. :)

monte cristo

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This made me think of the boots that I found once. 20 or 30fr/w, 3xfireres, 3xcoldres, 2xlightres... Used them on most of my casters even on higher levels. Rare boots are certainly a good thing for them.


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I'm addicted to gambling legit resist boots for my BvC barb now. Best is this crap one.

Replenish life
29%Cold resist
27% Poison Resist
26% Fire Resist