Time for a tuesdaily


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Haven't seen a daily thread. Maybe this was just something we used to do here? Maybe a weekly is more appropriate?

RL: Daughter started to crawl. I get an hour of game time at 8-9 after she goes to sleep.. Had a Powerlifitng meet over the weekend. total 1250, 450/285/515. Really happy as that is a 50lb total PR since December.

D2: 160 LK runs last night, best rune was a Fal. So far (350ish runs): 1Mal, 1Pul, 2Ums Gul was from AT refreshing rejuvs.

OVG: Hearthstone. WotoG has been a ton of fun. Opened Yogg, The Rogue legendary, Mage legendary, Shaman Legendary, and Mukla. I crafted Twin Emperor for c'Thun decks. THinking about what else I might want to craft.


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RL: Only the second training session of this season today. My every muscle is aching. My son is in much better shape.

D2: Planning for a 100 LK runs before bedtime. Also must think about that build for Countess runs I want to start soon-ish.

OVG: Absolutely no time for it. Apart from on-line sports management games of course.

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RL: Need systems to process invoices

D2: Katarina is waiting, so is my skelemancer now in NM Act I.

OVG: Nope.

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RL: Mostly working and playing piano in my spare time. Got a camera and doing some very amatuer photography.

D2: A bunch of AT runs. Planning on starting a new character soon, just deciding which route to take.

OVG: Not at all. I imagine this stands for "other video games".


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RL: working, spending time with the wife and the kids (next 4 days or days off here in Belgium, weather forecasts are very good, so quite a lot of that); running form is as good or even better than it ever was, so will be doing a speedy 16K race tomorrow and probably a 55K trailrun on June 12th.

D2: AT runs with my 99er Blizz Sorc and to a lesser extent leveling up my Lack of Information PS Assassin.

OVG: Nothing, although a few Euro buds from the Amazon Basin are pulling at my sleeve to join them for the Overwatch open beta, which is running from today until Sunday iirc, and if I like it, for the full game. The new Doom game is also being released in a bit over a week, and it looks like a very interesting game.


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RL: Off to Germany for a couple of days tomorrow.

D2: I have been running Andariel for Beta BKWBs, not sure if I will get any runs done tonight.

OVG: May get to play a bit more FF7 on the iPhone again when I travel.


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off to bed right now. i got a heavy night yesterday around Picadilly Circus area of London. and tomorrow party in Camden. i really can't do it like in the 20. hahahahaa
d2 none
ovg watch some rimworld plays on youtube