Tiki WD for GR 34+


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Hey guys, I've been experimenting this build on higher grifts and it seems to work. My only problem is that all my good gems are seasonal and my SMK is off-season, so yeah, anyways let's get down to business.

Here you can see my build and gear:


It is not optimal, but let me explain the build first. So, the idea is to keep monsters perma feared with Tikilandian visage and horrify. In case someone doesn't know, it works so that when you cast Fear, it "merges" with the mask, meaning that if you cast horrify now and find monsters 7 secs (I have a bad mask, should have 8 secs and a socket) later they will still be feared.

This allows you to give up some defensive stats because at 35% cooldown reduction you will have perma fear. 40% is recommended.

Now, you will lose some dps due to not having Mask of Jeram, but here is where Homonculus comes into play. With it you can sacrifice a dog every 4 seconds. When using Tallman's Finger the mojo spawns a big dog every time, so in essence you will receive 3 dogs every 4 seconds. So you can deal 3270% splash damage every 4 seconds.

And of course every sacrifice gives you +20% dps for 5 seconds. Sacrifcing 2 dogs is more dps than Slam Dance bonus :)

For more damage you will need Starmetal Kukri to spam BBV with Boogie Man rune (!). On higher grifts there is literally no cooldown on BBV so you can have it under every monster which means a lot of big dogs to sacrifice. With my subpar gear banishing the dog deals 150m-180m crit damage with 5 Gruesome Feast stacks. With proper gear I'm sure you can do 200m crits ATLEAST every 4 seconds, so it's +50m dps and even more when you get more dogs from the BBV.

You will again lose toughness from not having Uhkapian but it's fine as long as you can keep enemies feared.


You will need SMK, Tikimask, Homonculus and TMF. Other very useful items are the usual stuff, Taskers, Aughild set, 2xUnity and 2x Cpt Crimsons. For amulet I would probably go with Xephirian because when elites escape fear, this is what they usually cast pretty fast. And also when they cast their spells, the spells stay around (Orbiter) even if they are feared.

Play style:

Cast fear, find monsters, drop BBV, FA and keep spamming toads and banishing dogs :) Make sure to run around a bit to have all monsters feared.

I have done GR 34 with this build but I'm pretty sure you can go at least up to 38.