tiger strike and warrior help


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tiger strike and warrior help

First Im building a bowsin my skill layout is such
20 venom
20 warrior
5 fade
5 BoS
10-20 Lite sentry
10-20 death sentry for CE mostly
1 BF
my question is using the bow Im on normal attack all the time so the warrior mostly only normal attacks or throws traps for me. I noticed I can still shoot my bow and gain all the venom damage from it while having tigerstrike on my attack side. Tiger strike is red and useless for me, however it appears to work fine for charging my warrior would it be ideal to use a 1 point finish move to let my warrior discharge tiger and help a bit more. Or will she even be able to discharge it?


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Or will she even be able to discharge it?
Hrm, I've never thought of having a skill just so that the Warrior could use it...but yeah, she'll release the charges with a normal attack if she doesn't have an assassin-specific finishing move.


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how is it working? I'm building a bowsin atm... haven't yet decided on what shadow, the two candidates are the Shadow Warrior having guided at leftclick and Mind Blast at rightclick. Or else I'd go the mainstream Shadow Master route.

Anyyone have any idea if the mb-spambot would be better or the master wouls still be king?