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Thy Peasant

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ThyPeasant's FT/ISO

Hey everyone, just started playing d2 again, trying to get some sort of a trade thread going. I don’t have much good stuff as of right now but I’ll be updating this thread as that changes. Since I’m just back I don’t know too much about current prices, feel free to offer whatever you want, it will most likely be accepted! I also realize much of this is just worth pgems, so that’s a perfectly acceptable offer.

Both in-game (thypeasant*) and mule trades are fine. I will try to keep this list as updated as possible, and I apologize in advance if you make an offer on something I no longer have.


Coldkill 173% ed
Husoldal Evo 172% ed
Todesfaelle Flamme 147% ed
2 x Bonehew (307% and 320%)
Spineripper 233% ed
Dark Clan Crusher 195% ed
Grim’s Burning dead 158% ed 222 ar
Vile Husk 183% ed
SwordGuard 180% ed
Plague Bearer
Moonfall 135% ed
General’s tan do li ga 60% ed
Sureshrill frost
Zakarum’s hand 199% ed
Crainte Vomir 177% ed


“Black” flail
“White” grave wand


Lava Gout 184% edef
Heavenly Garb
Visceratuant Defender 137% edef
Blackhorn’s Face 216% edef
Goldskin 131% edef
Bladebuckle 97% edef
String of Ears 172% edef 7% ll 11% dr 15 mdr
Twitchthroe (upped once)
Goldwrap 59% gold
Lidless wall 84% edef
Laying of Hands
Black Hades
Shaftstop 216% edef
Iron pelt 83% edef
Hellmouth 164% edef
Trang-ouls guise
Unid Blood Spirit ( Cerebus’ bite )
Unid Sky spirit ( Ravenlore )

Socketed and Ethereal~

4os Dusk Shroud 433 def
5os phase blade
5os scourge
3os troll nest 167 def
Eth Monarch 207 def


+1 fire skills (sorc)
2 x Passive and magic (zon)
10 max damage 54 ar 13 life GC (level req 21)
29 ar 50 poison damage SC
3 max damage 19 ar 3% faster run/walk SC T/O ber rune

Jewelry and miscellaneous~

8 spirit sets w/ hel
Level 30 amulet: 2 to poison and bone, 3 str, 39 life, 14 lightning resist, 14 mf
3 poison and bone 16 str amulet
Mahim-oak Curio
35% ed jewel


Currency (pgems and runes)
low zon and pally torch
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Re: ThyPeasant's FT/ISO

Somehow I keep missing you even though we're both online! I'll just send a mule after I sleep in exceedingly late. :)