Thursday - not to be confused with Rhubarb

Thursday - not to be confused with Rhubarb

No daily yet? then i will make one! *makes one*
So, D2 wise: I killed diablo with my digglerdin at lvl 29, just in time to get my upped diggler, which helped alot. Then i rushed through the foothills and began elditch runs. Began on P1, moved to P5, got fanat so was able to kill him at full P8 (slowly) and am now lvl 32. I will continue to kill eld until i hit lvl 35, which wont take long, when i will drop down to P3 again and continue on towards baal.
as for RL: avoided going to historhy lesson on the grounds of not having done homework and not wanting to get shouted at at 9 in the morning, so didnt have any lessons today, since college ended at lunch and we all went home (Yay for easter!) stayed in town with some friends, which ended up as 5 girls conveniently and me.


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I must not be seeing this right. Only one enrty in the daily? Then maybe I'm not seeing anything right. Right now I'm sitting at a bar with a giant Sam Adams in front of me typing on a text only Blackberry. It's really tough to read the forums this way. My flight home doesn't leave for a couple more hours. needless to say, I'll have a hard time getting any D2 time in today as I won't get home until late. Last night I was too tired to play and tomorrow I'm out after work. Eventually...


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Well, Spring Break finally for me here, so much D2 time! Played a little on my Mavina's set Strafezon, got her to 67 in Act 1 Hell, 3 levels from the full set. :D Also did a little rune hunting and MFing, not getting much of anything. :(


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One downside of the easter/spring break is that suddenly everyone decides that they absolutely have to go shopping. And that makes life rather less than fun for people who have to deal with their idleness, as I have to in my job. Oh well *sigh*

Still, I have tomorrow off, which is something. D2-wise, I've started up a new character, a Hammerdin by the name of Wensleydale, who is currently knocking over Bone Ash and seeing what falls out. Since he's level 21.5, he's been doing a few runs there. I am hoping to reach Act 2 before level 30 though... :)

Enjoy your holidays, and if you do go shopping, park your trolleys responsibly, or else *thumps large cudgel against palm, menacingly - as opposed to in a comical fashion*.

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Well I'm back from a little vacation, not really though, just a bunch of work that needed to be done before spring break :). I played on my blade n' trapsin today. I found a nice rare wrist spike for her in sewers which does 4% Duel Leach, Knockback, some ed%, and it is etheral. Super good for bladefurry. The knockback was really nice when I killed Radament. Hurray tomarrow is the last day of school until spring break! (well, for me atleast :D)
Hope everyone had a great Thursday!