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RL: *cough* A year older *cough*.

D2: My 200fcr meteorb hit the old age of 61 (lot of that going around) and her next milestone will be 80 for the arachs. My bouncy druid has sort of taken a back seat, but hey ho.

Edit: I like the way this thread is going ... The stripper is in the secret cow level ... cue dodgy jokes about udders ...:shocked:


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Happy Birthday Thyiad. :cool:

Still celebrating it as well...heh...I "forgot" mine this year. :)


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happy birthday Thyiad
now bring me water, cookies , cake and of course some girls.
and let's start a party.

D2 leveled my light zon to 89 so she can wear some crafted amys
my teslafroster after many many deaths killed BigD. expect a pat thread soon..


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Happy BDay Thyiad :flowers:

RL: Choosing furniture for the new house

D2: Necro in The Pit for a bit.


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Happy Birthday Thyiad:flip:

RL: Another day at Corporate America, nothing like working for the man!

D2: 73 Blizzballer cleared the Den of Evil this morning. I will try and make it out of Act II Hell with my 83 fishymancer after work.


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Many Happy Returns Thyiad.

RL : Bleh
D2 : Antiope ('zon) lvl 34 just left meph on her way to Diablo.

Not sure what build to go for strafer or FA.



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Happy Birthday Thyiad!:badteeth:

RL: Just got home from work (bleh). It's awfully late and I don't know why I'm posting as no one is going to read it anyway, and there'll probably be a Fridaily started by the Aussies in like half an hour. Oh well. <Kills Thread>

D2: Sirius the PDaggermancer cleared out the Durance, and killed Mephisto. Or at least Sirius with a little help from his merc killed Mephisto. So I started up with my MeteOrb(Fball) sorc Ryzell. She's in act 5 nightmare, and I started her from the waypoint after Shenk. She's up to Nilly's house now at level 72, and I don't think I have the motivation to play tonight. Ah well. I've really got to get working on getting fireball up and running though, the frozen river was PACKED with those CI succubi, and I hate meteor (though it's maxed already). Maybe I'll play tomorrow if I don't end up going out.

<Kills thread again>


Happy birthday :D

RL: Back from uni for a few days, bored as hell already.
D2: I only have DII on my home computer but I left the discs at the dorms so I'm SOOL.


Happy Birthday!!!

RL: Exam! Argh! General Knowledge paper 2 is tough!

D2: no more playing cause i need to concentrate on studies...