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How is it that's it's Thursday already?
RL: Had class last night, today: work.

D2: the other night Toblerone finished Act one. Andy wasn't much of a challenge, and he found his first unique item. Heavy gloves. Next time I play, I'm going to work on getting another one of my characters out of act one, but that might not be until tomorrow night.


RL: Back to school but for him he still stayed at home for few day rest. Well, get some homeworks for him and did some revision with him. Spending time with him and it's so much fun!

D2: I'm going to reclaim back the Horadric Malus for Charsi.


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RL: It's raining here finally, been a long time so it's welcome.

D2: I played maybe 40 minutes last night, and got my bliz sorc into act 3 finally at level 25.

have fun :thumbsup:


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RL: Just waiting to go in to work. On the plus side, I was finally able to preorder a reissue generation 1 Soundwave this morning (a ToysRUs exclusive!) so I'm happy about that.

D2: Didn't actually get to play last night. Ended up working on my Space Marines then watching a few episodes of the original BBC Hitchhiker's Guide series. So I lied in the daily yesterday. Eh.

I'll probably play when I get home from work tonight though. (hopes)



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RL: two boring class and one good class
d2: proceed my HC blizzy to act2 normal
have a nice day


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RL: Went to the doc for a weird thingy on my eyelid; luckily, hot compresses and Neosporin should clear it up, no expensive prescriptions ... and we had a nice chat about summer and swimming.

D2: Starting over from scratch, decided to go with a Meteorb instead of a fishy or someone odd. We'll see if I can stick with just ONE character for a while. Valencia is in that awkward stage, addicted to the blue kool-aid and tossing knives, but the Countess rewarded her with a nice Tal today, and she'll be going onward through the Tamoe Highlands. The game has been running a bit choppily, but it's so nice not to have any crashes.