Thursdaily (unlucky edition)


@sirpoopsalot, i'm making a concentrator (with bash maxed) and one point in berzerk.. So, how?

I recalled that there's one great chart in Strategy Compedium, about which leveling have how many percentage of experience in which area of the game, but i don't know where is it..


Milb said:
Unlucky indeed, I lost my HC Javazon last night, all selffound gear including a Chains of Honor, Shako, Maras, 20 Dex Ravenfrost...
Loot her in ATMA! You know you want to :wink2: :devil:

RL: Nothing! Yeah, absolutely nothing useful! No school, no work, no studying... I woke up at noon and didn't get up from in front of the computer, gaming and surfing all day. lol3z0r @ j00 werekin' n00bs! :laughing:

D2: None today. Don't feel like running the Countess, and questing seems like too much work.