Thursdaily - Green tea and sunshine


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Thursdaily - Green tea and sunshine

Hi all,

Well it is Thursday morning here in the land of kangaroos and bronzed aussies. A day off work for me, so will be good to get out and do some walking with the dog and then settle into some game playing. Sitting down to a mug of green tea as the sun starts to shine brightly.

My time has been divided between Diablo 2 (very little play time) and Titan Quest. I managed to get my LF Zon up to level 92 yesterday with Baal/Pindle runs. Unfortunately no great items yet. Baal should be renamed the Lord Of Stooge. :rolleyes:

Titan Quest is good, but still doesn't have the same attraction as Diablo 2. I am just starting the 3rd Act in Normal. Not as much variety in items as there is in Diablo 2, but then it is still fairly early days. They have their own version of Atma for it now, which is very handy. Can't see myself playing it 6 years on like Diablo 2. Nice graphics though.

Have a great day/night one and all :thumbsup:


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IronClown: I will look into Manhunt. I have so many other games I want first for the XBox that it's quite insane. I'm guessing I will buy 10 or so in October...

RL: Got my XBox360 as I said in the Wednesdaily thread and it friggin rocks. Been playing it somewhat while working. XBox 2 hours, work 2 hours, xbox 2 hours, work 2 hours. Rinse and repeat for the whole day today. Ahhhhh

D2: Havent played. XBox > D2 atm.


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D2: Start out owning, got frelled and now hope to be able to at least kill something with my Pally. Too tired to MP now, but I'll throw up a game tomorrow. So many characters I need to bring on. It is too tempting to go with the easy ones; I have a 'budget gear' sin stuck at the start of Hell for months.

RL: I won't bore you with it, in the hope you won't bore me with yours.


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Rl- woke up 5 mins ago where tasdaz lives (Australia). You must off woken up quite early because it is now exactly 10:00am.

D2- Will play with my HC Untwinked Fishy Zon maybe go kill radament, thats a start. Then i will see were my Rl takes me if nothing then maybe get the staff of kings :).


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It's 2 AM here in south-eastern Europe (Croatia), I'm going to bed in few minutes. When I woke up (seven hours in future) it's time for leveling some PvP chars and few hundred Pindle runs.

Ashmer Amadeus

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Its not yet Thursday on the east coast (USA). I have endured the worst Wednesday that I can think of for quite some time. What was supposed to be a day off ended up being a day of work. The car had to be fixed, and there will likely be more of the fixing tomorrow. Much too many dollars are being spent for this time of the season.


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ive also been up since before the crack of dawn (best time of the day imo) also a day off. but ive spent the last 5 hours working anyway. hooray.
now it is time for R & R:thumbsup:
RL: It's 11:30 PM on Wednesday here in VA, USA, and because I typically only sleep 2-3 hours a night, I'm just getting started. :grin: I also have an Xbox360, and they are quite awesome. To be honest, I wouldn't have bought it with my own money, as I am much more of a computer gamer, but it made an awesome birthday present.

D2: I just started an LLD Pally, and after he's done I'll be leveling my Javazon and Light Sorc for a wee bit. I'm up for MP anytime, but my location makes the timing more than a little difficult.

Happy Thursday! I'll catch up soon.


RL: Argh! Struggling with maths and tommorow gerenal knowledge paper..

D2: Well, not today but tommorow maybe..

Ps: Hope you people interested with this.


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RL: pretty good day here in tx, I get my kids an extra day this week. so it will be fun the little turds.

D2: well been running NM meph with my awler a little burnt out on him rite now so I'm about to start 2 new chars. Or actually one is started but still forming my plans on the builds they will be off the wall a bit, the way I like them.


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RL: Home sick from work. I must have slept 11 hours already today (it's 1:30 pm), and I feel a nap coming on. Fever dreams FTW!

D2: maybe a little.