Thursdaily-Gobble Gobble

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Thursdaily-Gobble Gobble

Well well, looks like Donutz's late night partying finally paid off and I made the thursdaily mwahahahaha.

RL: After I go to sleep I plan today to consist of pretty much two things: Diablo and Turkey. God himself could not of come up with a better combo.

D2: Going to take Cassious through stoney and hopefully get some lvls in.


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RL - No holiday here, only work. Very depressing & busy as hell.

D2 - My pure fury wolf is doing well. Finished off Diablo on normal, and with feral spinning, he tanks direct hits from his lightning hose. Had 3 hoses in quick succession, but didnt get close to dying.
Found my first reapers toll with my meteorb. I tried it out on the merc but I still like the eth Kelpie he was carrying more. Think he survives better.




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RL: 2 in the afternoon and still hungover from last night.

D2: I want to play my freezeadin but my heads hurting to much so im going back to bed :)


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D2: challenging my brother. He wants my runes to make Enigma. I want his runes to make Enigma. First one to reach cLvl90 with a new character gets the runes. Both using a Hammerdin so it should be a pretty even race- No sleep for either of us tonight haha. All his HR are belong to me :D

(It's just a borrowing challenge, so the loser gets all the HF drops til they make theirs too. Just means one of us gets to make it a wk or so earlier than the other...).

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RL: Have dinner at my aunts at 1 today. Want to get out to do some bow hunting but not sure if I can. Probably just better to take a nap after eating.

D2: Keep moving my blizzard along. Need to get to hell for the MFL.


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RL : Nothing planned today

Diablo : Going to continue through hell with my summon/volcanoe druid


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RL: After I go to sleep I plan today to consist of pretty much two things: Diablo and Turkey. God himself could not of come up with a better combo.
If I was god I would add beer into the combo for a supersize combo of excellence.

RL: Finally handed something in for school today which means I get to remove something from my list of things to do! No holiday's or anything here (Canadian) so school til friday and then a normal weekend for me.

D2: Been working on my new Hammeradin lately. I'm not sure why but I really want to Guardian him, I've tried them in the past and gotten bored, but this time I want to see him through. At the moment he's in Act 1 NM and dealing out some serious *** kicking, but he needs some Damage Reduction or something because he gets beat up pretty good if I stand around for too long. Tonight though, I should probably work on my character for Skunks Tourny, Diablo hose of death here I come!



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RL: going to go have dinner soon, then later im going u my grandmas to eat again. Too much food!

D2: Not muc, going to play later on tonight when i get back.


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RL: I just want to go to sauna :undecided:

D2: Bah, I still need a 3os Phase Blade, then I can continue with my Summoning druid. I hope Bazhell will come online soon...


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RL : school , homework . Standart stuff

D2 : Got my Hc sorceress through act 3 nm and did some magic finding, just for kicks . Got lucky as hell and found unique hierophant trophy :cool: Not much of use to me , as all my characters are untwinked , but its still cool :)


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RL: Two dinners, one at my wifes parents around 2-3pm, then one at my moms at around 6. This annoying setup has been going on for the past 3 years, and it sucks. (not really, cause the food is awesome.) :grin:

D2: A sad day, cause i wont be home to play at all. Just watching the forums on everyone elses computers.


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whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo drunk
ditto. Well, only 1/2 a bottle of wine in me, so I'm not hammered yet; fortunately the other 1/2 is within arms reach. This whole 'cutting back on drinking' thing is pretty sweet - I'm a cheap drunk again. whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. :grin:

RL: The reason for drinking/celebration is that I finally had a successful day of skiing :jig:. My recently broken foot has healed to the point that I can ski the groomers aggresively, but the moguls still hurt. The only really painful parts were the one rock I ran over (not a lot of snow yet, but it's early season), and especially when it was time to remove the boot at the end of the day; that made me whimper.

Afterwards I got home and opened a bottle of red wine, and made a nice dinner. I think I made the best salad I've ever made, purely by looking in the fridge and saying 'oh... looks like I need to use some of these veggies... oops'. :prop:

D2: I haven't played much in the last month, but I think I might actually take a stab at it. I'm full of food, have a nice buzz, and my foot's too tired to do anything else of significance, so D2 sounds fun. First, I'll have a look around and decide if the forums need more spam...

have fun



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RL: I feel like a big turd, beer + unhealthy amounts of turkey and dressing + pumpkin pie = angry stomach. Honestly I think its just too much turkey.

D2: Uhhh I got another rockfleece, well I had one then I dropped it because I dont need it. ummm I didnt really play a whole lot, was busy all day.