thunderstroke vs titans


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Titans is the best overall choice, but many people prefer Thunderstrokes for PvP for the -15 enemy res and 15IAS. But I choose Titans for both, because of these stats: 30% FRW, +20 Str, +20 Dex, Rep Quantity + Incr Stack Size.


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Rep quantity and stack size don't actually matter too much in pvp. But the 30% FRW is alot of fun, combined with nigma, cat's eye and any speedy boots, you will out run most guys indeed.


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I have used both and find them to both be excellent Javelins. . .but they both have their place depending on your build.

I prefer the Thunderstrokes for a Lightning build- for a non-Lit build, then go with the Titans.

I use a fully synergized Lightning build, so anything I can do to help my main source of damage hit harder is a good thing to me at least. The only pain is that the requirements-especially dex- are higher for the 'strokes.

Hope this helps.


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Well, you could have T'strokes on switch for cs'ing bosses, otherwise Titans 100%. Nothing beats increased stack size and replenish quantity, and then you can get eth ones which do a lot more damage.