thrower barb questions


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thrower barb questions

I have a pair of glimmershred (sp?) axes sitting around and i was wondering if they could be a good starting point for a thrower barb. I know they aren't the ideal weapons as i have heard that the lacerator axes are for their amplify damage but i wanted to know if they would work. I have also heard of some throwing daggers that have pierce attack and was wondering if they would work as well?

Does throw leech life/mana like a zon shooting arrows/bolts?

Does chance to cast work with throwing?

Does it have chance to hit or is it the same as smite/guided arrow?

And help would be appreciated

Von Lazuli

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Gimmers are pretty nice axes, provided you don't mind repairing them constantly... Warshrikes are sexy... But yes, you are right, lacerators are the king. However, failing that, eth upped Scalpers are pretty good.

Yes. Throws leech.

Chance to cast works (Elsewise lacerators would be useless)

It relies on attack rating.

Help? Use Fort. The enhanced damage is quite a bit.



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Are Warshrikes expensive?
If I use the warshrikes should I distribute my skills different than Lacerators or Glimmershreds?
Does the dexterity add to damage or str when it comes to throwing?
By level 85 what should my stats (without items added) look like?
If I put points into axe mastery does that help the damage of throwing axes?

I am sorry if I am asking alot of questions but i dont want to get through an entire build and realize I cant get through act 1 in hell because I dont do enough damage.

Thanks for the help


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I am on west non-ladder but I am willing to trade for them if you have them non-ladder =)
I'll take two please :)