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I've just recently started playing again and haven't seen 1 yet! I played one back in early 1.10, but that's been a while now. Are they still viable at PvP/PvM? Will I have to spend all my meager wealth to beat a1 hell? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.


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i think they are still viable.

with double throw and ax mastery

and the 2 good throwing axes in the game you should be ok.

CB and open wounds will be a must but you could do it.

if you can keep a good supply of glitterfangs around. and the other ax that replentishes itself you should be good.

i have yet to see a glitterfang drop but i have heard they are cheap.


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I made a javelin throwing barb back in classic, heh it was fun because everyone laughed at me, lol... Could javelins be used instead or not as good compared to axes? (I'm guessing the axes might have better barb mods, haven't really done any research on them though so 'scuse my ignorance).


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He means gimmershred. Gimmers are wonderful, so are lacerators. Deathbits make great leveling gear. At early levels, look for gear with +min damage mods, as they'll quickly make your minimum damage overtake your weapon's max, at which point the +min mod works double time.