Three Damage Build, MS/Strafe, LF, Impale at high levels i


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Three Damage Build, MS/Strafe, LF, Impale at high levels

Go with this build pick one of them to not to max till last since you will want to get your passives going while you are also getting your damage skills increased. Three forms of attack not only prevents creatures from being immune to you, but also gives you attacks that work in different situations with different packs of creatures. Also use impale with an indestructable or regenerating weapon and amp damage from WWS.

10 Penetrate
5-10 Multishot (Target 10-15)
3 Critical Strike (Target 10)
15-20 Strafe (I could go without this and just one point in GA, using MS)
20 LF
20 Impale
2 Pierce (Target 7)
10 Valk (Target 17)
I'd like more points in Dodge and Evade as well. This is at or near

These weapons work with Impale well because they don't mind decreased durability.

Steel Pillar -- Indestructable
Ethereal Upgraded Yari Sundan -- Repair Durability built in
Titan's Revenge -- Replenish Quantity & a shield (Stormshield/Moser's/Guilliumes)

Witchwild String -- Level 20 Magic Arrow with every shot,2 sockets Resists/Ohms/Bers/???-- I lean towards Ohms for more damage

Guilliumes Face 35% CB
Mara's +2 / Highlords Wrath +1, 20 IAS
Chains of Honor +2
Safety/Blood with +2 Passive Skills (Knockback or Crushing Blow)
Wedding Band +1
Razortail +33% Pierce/ThunderGod's Vigor +3 LF, LAbsorb (I don't see how you can do without the pierce)
Goblin Toe 25% Crushing Blow/Goreriders 15%, 10% OW (decide whether 10% CB is worth 10% OW)

+5 All Skills from non-weapon shield equipment
+2 Passive skills
+33% Pierce
Cannot be Frozen
60% CB or
50% CB and 10% OW
IAS maybe a problem

This would give you three different forms of damage. But also give you different ways to attack different formations.

Huge Packs -- (Cows) LF, maybe not as high powered as a pure LF zon would be with lots of +Jav skills and charms. But this skill kills because of the reverberating effect of having masses there.

Small Packs -- MS/Strafe= You pick. Strafe adds damage. But it can lock you. MS at level 10 is great with knockback. MS also is great with a decent level of CB since you can hit many creatures at the same time with this. I like MS. I think it hits more things at once and works very well with CB.

Single Targets -- Impale = This should be very good damage and with replenish quantity the side effect of loosing durability would be lessened by the replsnishing quantity. Don't forget the Amp Damage from WWS.

Immunes you have to use one of your other attacks- Thus maybe at least one point into GA and Strafe.

Interestingly, + Passive Charms might be best for this build since you have a lot of skills you'd like to have more points in that tree than any of the others. And while your damage may increase from the others, Passive will aid your defense and you might be able to save the most points this way. This may really help to switch out equipment to increase attack speed and life & mana leach.


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lextalionis said:
How does IMPALE react with indestructable and regenerating items?
indestructiable items dont have dur so they should be unaffected.

items like titans would drop alot in the stack at once i think.

for spears i have no clue have never used the slow but powerful impale much


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sacmb8 said:
impale vs. jab?

how does maxed impale compare with maxed jab with the big stick? anyone?
Jab-- Level 30
attacks with a series of rapid thrusts
using a javelin or spear class weapon

Multiple Hits ??

Current Skill Level: 30
2: Attack: +271 percent
2: Damage: +72 percent
1: Mana Cost: 9.2

Impale -- Level 30
increases attack damage but rapidly degrades the weapon

Current Skill Level: 30
2: Damage: +1025 percent
2: Attack: +825 percent
3: Chance of losing durability: 23 percent
1: Mana Cost: 3

I have no idea how they compare with IAS. or how many hits each is per second.