thoughts on this 2 handed paladin set up


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vengeance-1(for PI)
blessed aim-20(for passive AR bonus)
Total-83 (could finish at clvl72)
Rest of points into vigor for mobility or charge for fun or vengeance to further help with PI.

Weapon: I would like to use obedience thresher just because I have the runes for one and it seems like a decent pick. I also have a 2 handed crescent moon already made I plan on trying to for the static field ctc.
Helm: Shako or guillaume's face
Armor: treachery (for fade and ias etc.) or Fort.
Belt: String of ears
Amulet: Highlords or angelic
Rings: ravenfrost and angelic or ravenfrost and blood ring
Gloves: LOH or crafted blood gloves (dracs if I can get them)

can't decide between a Might merc for more dmg or a holy freeze merc to slow enemies (to keep them from hitting me as much). or even a blessed aim or defiance merc...all seem to have a perk for the 2 handed zealer.
Merc gear:
weapon: reapers toll (again to help slow enemies from hitting me so much)
armor: fort or treachery (which ever I don't use)
helm: guil or andys (prob guil as i don't have andys)

kinda board with that generic zealer build so i thought of this one. Also, idk if the 20 into blessed aim would be worth it or not as i just found out about the passive bonus. without the need for holy shield there leaves a lot of skill points left so i figured I'd use them to make my paladin better at hitting stuff, thus getting better life leech/survivability. Anyways thanks for reading.


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I would also put a point into smite (always hits, good for applying crushing blows to tough bosses... but if you have charge, then you have smite anyway), redemption (to dispose of corpses) and salvation (when meeting a boss with a conviction aura). Leftover points could be put into either resist fire or resist lightning, for the passive bonus to maximum resists. I'm not sure if the passive AR bonus from blessed aim can compare with that, but you save 20 points in holy shield and there's something to do with them. BTW, charge isn't just for fun, but for quick travel as well.


I think a melee paladin will not be good when wearing lots of MF and +skills aren't useful for one as well, so I would not decide for MF or +skills if there's an option for better protection or offensive power. This character isn't meant to bee that effective. If you want to do MF, I suggest to visit the Tunnels with a blizzard sorc wearing MF stuff everywhere.

Weapon: Something with IAS or at least high base speed, but not too high dex reqs. What about Reaper's Toll, Tomb Reaver? Among the not so expensive runewords, there are Crescent Moon, Kingslayer, Passion and Oath. As soon as you can afford it, BotD might be excellent. Massive leech on top of massive IAS and damage is just what your paladin needs. It just lacks crushing blow. Just don't wear the same weapon than the merc.

Helm: Guillaume's. Crushing blow FTW!

Armor: Before spending a HR on the armor, I would spend one on the weapon. A paladion also has lots of off-weapon %ed anyway, so another 300% from Fortitude isn't that urgent. Spending that Lo on Grief in a two-hander would be a bit of a waste, however. If you are on bnet, your could trade it for Zod+Vex or so and make a nice BotD GPA. That would be more helpful at this point.

Belt: My zealots use T-God's for its lightning protection, but a 2-handed one might need more leech.

Amulet: Highlords. IAS, OW, DS

Rings: Ravenfrost and blood ring. You need just a small amount of mana leech on the blood ring, even 1% would be enough

Gloves: LoH until you can get Dracul's

Boots: Your paladin is wearing boots, right? If not Goreriders, then FRW boots with resists. Natalya's or Aldur's are an excellent start until you find rares which are better. Wartravellers are an option as well, but I think Gores are more useful.


A two-handed paladin is a bit more vulnerable, so a HF merc might be a good idea. Good weapons for him are pretty much whatever the paladin could wear as well. Regarding the armor, I would choose Treachery. If you don't have a decent weapon for the paladin himself, I certainly wouldn't spend a Lo rune on a merc armor!

If no leech is coming from the weapon, then it has to come from the helm. There are plenty of options, like Crown of Thieves, Tal's or Andy's.

Also don't forget to give him a bit FHR, else he would be pushed around too much because of his awful base rate and breakpoints.

I guess that a might merc is more useful than a blessed aim one, but you can try that out yourself.


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Ideally, Death in an ethereal 2h elite sword is where you want to be at. Axes and polearms are worse since they can't get past 6fpa with Zeal, while swords can hit 5 (Spears can, too, but you can't make Death in one). You don't even need a whole lot of IAS with Fanaticism up for the fastest possible Zeal, since Highlord's and Laying of Hands are the best sources of damage for their respective slots, and they come with 40 IAS already, which lets Death's insane DPS mods but lack of IAS shine. 50 IAS total with a Colossus Blade lets you hit 10/5 Zeal, the fastest speed possible, while 55 hits 11/5 with the slightly slower Colossus Sword. The former is doable with an IAS belt (probably Nosferatu's Coil), although an IAS jewel in the helm (with resists, if possible - ED won't be very useful) is probably better.

There won't be a whole lot of other resistance on your gear, so you'll want your armor to cover some of it. Treachery for IAS is going to be overkill, although if you don't mind Fade not necessarily proccing when you need it, it's a fine budget solution for resistance. If you have nice resist charms to make up for it, wear a Fortitude. If you don't, Chains of Honor plugs a lot of holes - although a Ber might be out of the price range.

My idea of optimal gear looks like:
Weapon: Death Colossus Blade
Armor: Fortitude
Helm: Guillaume's Face + resist all/IAS jewel
Gloves: LoH
Belt: String of Ears
Boots: Gore Riders
Amulet: Highlord's
Rings: Raven Frost + dual leech ring
Charms: as much resistance as you feel comfortable with (you don't need to max everything; max lightning and positive cold should be enough), and AR/max damage/life/fhr, whatever you can get.

Don't forget that a 2h Zealot is a good Travincal runner.


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My 2H zealer set up is:

Defiance merc for more defence
Upped shaftstop "um"
Upped Rockstopper "um"
Obedience tresher
String of ears belt
Gloves and rings with life leech
Amulet: doens't matter

My idea was to have max phys dmg reduction since no shield.

20 zeal
20 fanatiscm
20 blessed aim
20 sacrifice
rest I put into redemtion