Thoughs on getting "hacked" from Experience. ifr


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Thoughs on getting "hacked" from Experience.

I should have been hack proof. I NEVER use third party programs and don't even go to such websites. (I did use mousepad MH back in 1.09 before I joined the forums in 2003.)

Apparently my ten year old son may have downloaded a virus or perhaps I did from Limewire. I found the virus, it's called "Backdoor32" just an hour after I realized I had lost all the good gear on my main account.

Here is a list just for fun.

List of lost gear:

Annihilus charms;
All self found when the "quest" was new.

Pala; 18.17
Zon; 12.11 <--- well not much of a loss.
Zon; 12.17

Sojs, 4 - 6 not sure.
Exile shield
Faith Bow a good one with +3 bow skills.
Four Ist Monarch
Phoenix shield
Pala combat skillers (5) Most with mods like Life and Hit Recover.
Sorc cold skillers (2) one with HitRecover and on with about 35 life.
Fire Skillers (7) some with good mods 12-28 life, some plain.
HotO good one with 38-40 resists I think.
Upped HoZ
Beast Zerker
High Gheeds.
Two Spider belts, my best ones.
BotD eth CB
Small charm 5%HR with 11 fire resist
A super good Rare Fastcast ring with good mods.

A few other things I can't remember.

So, how does one feel about getting all that stuff stolen I mean after all it is just ethereal bits of computer code is it not. Just intangible nothingness not connected to "real life."

And thus it is; so why do so many of us feel a bit violated and discouraged when, through no real fault of our own, we loose so much or so little depending on your point of view.

I cannot answer for others but only offer my own feelings and suppositions from this experience.

One reason it is bothering me is because I have spent a lot of time getting those bits of computer code. Because I only play as a hobby it took months to acquire the stuff. Was it "fun" getting it? sure. It was also fun building characters to use the gear.

It is funny, people say well it is just nothing anyway, why does it matter. Well, much of life is intangible, much of what we value. Reputations, love, friendships. Is the gear I lost in the same category, no, but maybe you get the idea.

Find the stuff again you say. It was fun the first time it will be fun again. Maybe. A lot of "fun" things we do are fun the first time but after having had the experience we are ready to try something else now and don't really feel like going back and dong it again. An example; my son; it was a real experience having a baby and watching him grow. Do I want to do it again? In a word, No! It was fun, in some respects going through high school, do it again? No thanks. This is where it term "been there done that" comes from.

What do I do now. Rebuild? How can I replace some of that stuff? Too much like "work" now to do it again. Maybe I should find a new past time, one where cretins don't break in and steal my "stuff" or if they do I have at least a chance at either recovering the stuff.

I know. You all give me the stuff I 'lost." Well, no actually. Why should you. Why should I even ask. I could not take such from you guys, and gals. Now, if i was in need of basics, food and shelter perhaps, then I would accept help. even in this game I might accept "basics" but they only took the "good stuff."

They did miss a +5 enchant orb (+2 all skills +3 enchant!) and an enchant Ormus!

Did virus scans. Dumped the account and changed all passwords to my other accounts. I do have some remaining "wealth" so I could "buy" back some of the lost gear but I had other plans for that wealth.

Go ahead and share your thoughts on how you feel about all I have written.


Be more careful with what you download. Keep one computer for playing and one for downloads.

Edit: I don't really care when others post such things, but I've seen you here for a long time, so yours is probably the only post of its kind that has made me feel sad.

Lord Nyax

What realm do you play on? I've heard, several times, that US West is where most of the people that do this kind of thing...hang out. There's always a risk when playing a game with other people, especially with such a large group. There's always going to be someone who goes out of his/her way to make other people miserable.

Also, nice orb. I've got two of those, one with +2 All, one with +2 Fire. You win my respect for making an Enchantress. Anyone that makes one of those plays the game on a deeper level than most.


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Cooked, you're one of the most honest and trustworthy persons I've ever met on this board. I feel terrible that this happened to you. I feel awful for anyone who's had accounts and equipment stolen.

I've never had an account of mine ravaged, but I can imagine how it would feel. When you've played for a long time and accomplished a lot, your characters and items become special. I agree it may not be special in the same way that friends and family are special, but it still hurts a bit to have your little treasures taken away.

I hope you continue to play. You're a welcome and well-liked member of this forum and we'd like you to stick around. If you ever feel up to a fresh start with fewer risks, you should have a close look at our Single Player community. You'll make many friends, have plenty of trading opportunities, and there are always MP and tournament games going on in the SPF. You may find it to your liking. :smiley:

el rastaman

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Hi Cooked, you (or anyone else here on these forums) don't know me, I just joined the forums. Nevertheless, I sympathize greatly for you. They are just bits of computer code, C ++ or something, but it is similar to someone breaking into your house, maybe worse because there are now police or forensics to help you catch the culprit. I joined these forums when I recently came back to D2 and I doubt I will ever acquire most of those items lost, but I feel for you, I agree with Dredd also, hope you keep playin, keep on keeping on, thats all you can do, I play on US West for fun, hit me up if you want. Thanks for your time, sorry if message was too long (had to make a good impression on first post). Adios


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I good protection for getting robbed might be to have anya name all your good gear. Named stuff is almost impossible to get good value on. People might not bother take the stuff is it's all named. ANd if they do you'll screw them in their chance to sell it for big bucks.


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It's true that items and characters are little more than coding and pixels, but despite their intangible nature they still matter to use the same as any other object.

Why? Because they might as well be a new carpet, or showerhead, or TV, in that they're things that you're spending your time and energy to acquire, and as such whenever we lose them it's the equivolent of having something break or get stolen. They let us do things which we otherwise cannot.

They grant us access to parts of their own realm which are otherwise inaccessible (the Enigma runeword for example) and let us progress in a diversion from the reality that is just as legitimate as reading a work of fiction. I can't PK my neighbor, but I sure as hell can if he connects to BNet :thumbsup:
Try and be a optimist.
Be glad you found it because they took diablo stuff.
They could have installed a key logger, got you tax returns and banking information and you would be asking people you know in the real word for food and shelter.

Delete + BAN plz.

5. Thou Shalt Not Pimp or aid the Pimping of hacks, Cheats or Farming. Hacks and Cheats are 3rd party programs that allow you to alter the way a player interacts with a game. This includes, but not restricted to Maphack and Pindlebot. We do not support the use of these. You may not ask for help in creating a hack/cheat, a link to where you can find one, provide a link to where people can download one. However, the morality of using these programs is sometimes discussed and we allow these [within reason], unless it violates any other rule.

no way is what he said (in this post) a bannable offense.

And to be honest I see a lot of what I would call Farming threads - they need to define that so you can tell what they consider farming? Pit run & Pindle Threads, how to max gold and MF and where to play to max return or what?



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wildbillboy, I like the cut of your jib. You remind me of a young Gorny.

Someone quick ban him before he works his way up to moderator!


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Sorry for your loss cooked, seems like another few have joined me in the USWEST "I-got-hacked-club". Not good. :/

today some guy on my f list was yelling that his hoto cta spider etc etc went missing.

Too much of a concidence aint it ?

Still organised underground hackers for diablo ii sounds abit far fetch. :tongue:


This is why I need to shell out the bucks and get my wife her own damn computer. She's always going to Limewire and other sites like it and just carelessly downloading a bunch of crap. Despite all the freaking times I've shown her the proof that I find all kinds of viruses, trojan's, malware etc that are directly connected to her web surfing habits she still does it. :rant: Hmmm that reminds me, I need to scan for and delete that and all the other programs she has secretly installed on here again so she can spend all day tomorrow reinstalling them again while I'm at work tomorrow. :laugh:

This is what I have to look forward to after nearly ten years of marriage to the witch, I mean gift from above. :rolleyes: Sorry to hear you got hit Cooked. Single Player can be very rewarding, no expiring chars to worry about and the best feature of all, no "Zomg noob, TP to throne TPTPTPTP!!!!!!" If I were to be hacked, there's no way in hell I'd bother to restart on bnet. That's just me though. Good luck in the future. :thumbsup:


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The money in your bank account is just ethereal bits of electrical impulses too, so I'll accept a direct deposit as soon as you can get around to it.


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I got hacked on US-East a couple of months back. I dont visit strange sites. I don't download anything I'm not supposed to. I have up to date virus and spybot protection (which doesnt mean much nowdays), and a firewall (which means even less). Nobody else knows my passwords, which are alphanumeric (too bad Bnet doesnt support case sensitive passwords).

The one thing I can think of is that I used to have this site set to display that I am on particular messenger services. A lot of those messenger services are VERY easy to crack and get passwords from. Well if you use the same passwords for a lot of things (as I used to) it is super easy for these thieves to pilfer your hard earned lewts.


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This is why I need to shell out the bucks and get my wife her own damn computer...
This is what I have to look forward to after nearly ten years of marriage to the witch, I mean gift from above. :rolleyes:
Computers are CHEAP!!!
Divorce is EXPENSIVE!!!
Buy her a "damn computer"!!!