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This or That: Runeword Edition

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by GooberGrape, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. GooberGrape

    GooberGrape Diabloii.Net Member

    Jan 24, 2004
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    Hello and welcome to This or That: Runeword Edition! The rules of this game are simple. Pretend you found your first X Rune and then vote what runeword you would make with it! Go ahead and add some flavor to it and give a reason why you picked what you picked, it makes it more fun.

    If you would use the rune elsewhere (Cham in Andariel's, Zod in Tomb Reaver) then go ahead and put that instead. Sometimes the best choice for a rune isn't in a runeword at all.

    Here are some This or That's to get the game started. Feel free to add your own This or That choices too! This game is all about what you'd do with your first X rune, so have fun with it!

    Lo Rune = Grief or Fortitude?

    Vex Rune = HotO or Death?

    Cham Rune = Pride or Doom?

    Ber Rune = Beast or CoH? (or save up for Infinity!)

    Jah Rune = Let's face it, Enigma is the only right answer here :)
  2. SunsetVista

    SunsetVista Diabloii.Net Member

    Aug 20, 2012
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    This is what I would do:

    Lo - Grief
    Vex - HotO
    Cham - Pride? although it requires another Lo, and a Sur... I'm still saving Cham, probably for a while
    Ber - Enigma
    Jah - Enigma

    Zod - Zod God =P
  3. pharphis

    pharphis Diabloii.Net Site Pal

    Aug 1, 2011
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    Lo - fort if caster (likely)
    Vex - HotO
    Cham - zod god
    Ber - zod god
    Jah - zod god
    zod - zod god
  4. Twibz

    Twibz Diabloii.Net Member

    Nov 23, 2010
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    Assuming starting a fresh with nothing here is my definitive list for all runes:

    El = Make my first 'Steel' weapon (probably flail)
    Eld = Probably socketed into a shield for blocking
    Tir = Make my first 'Steel' weapon (probably flail)
    Nef = Nadir isn't too bad for a beginners RW, either that or in a bow for KB
    Eth = -25% Target Defence is nice, probably go into a weapon
    Ith = Dump a few into a bow early days for the merc
    Tal = Usually my first port of call is an Ancients Pledge on untwinked characters Ral = Usually my first port of call is an Ancients Pledge on untwinked characters
    Ort = Usually my first port of call is an Ancients Pledge on untwinked characters
    Thul = Would go towards first Spirit
    Amn = Would go towards first Spirit
    Sol = The last piece of the puzzle for first Insight
    Shael = Probably to put into a Rhyme shield
    Dol = I'll be honest i normally just cube these for Hels
    Hel = Reroll fodder
    Io = Best use is probably Black runeword early days
    Lum = Smoke, without a doubt
    Ko = First use for these would normally be HoTo for me
    Fal = Lionheart
    Lem = Treachery FTW!
    Pul = First use for these would normally be HoTo for me
    Um = Probably Oath, but has potential for AllRes socketing
    Mal = Oath
    Ist = MF duties
    Gul = Death
    Vex = First use for these would normally be HoTo for me
    Ohm = CTA!!!
    Lo = Fortitude
    Sur = Cube to Bers
    Ber = Infinity
    Jah = The People's Choice... Enigma
    Cham = CBF socketing
    Zod = Breath of the Dying
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  5. uglyfred

    uglyfred Diabloii.Net Member

    Sep 30, 2013
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    For me it was Faith - and it would be again if I had to choose again. When it comes to whacking monsters over the head, Fanaticism > Teleport. [/relurk]
  6. Gripphon

    Gripphon Diabloii.Net Member

    Sep 11, 2009
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    Vex - very complicated answer. If I don't play game a lot, then I would save my first Vex to cube with another Vex to get Ohm to make CtA. If I do play game a lot, then it is very likely I'll find Ohm soon anyway, then I would use first Vex to make Hoto.

    Lo - honestly, I do have Fortitude and I use it 95% of the time as merc armor, while rest 5% is PvP with bowazon. Grief, on the other hand, I use all the time on some characters in both pvm and pvp. So Grief without much thinking. Fortitude is easily replaceable on most characters (not all), while Grief is hardly replaceable as another reason to make Grief.

    Ber - not Beast, not CoH. Save until I make Enigma. First two Bers I save to see will I find Jah, otherwise if I find third Ber before Jah, I would cube first two to Jah to make Enigma. Anything else will just delay Enigma. Other possible candidate to make first is Infinity. But I'm rather lol Beast and lol CoH as fist Ber usage. I have Beast and I use it only on PvP barb, I would probably use it on skellimancer too but that's pretty much it. CoH I've used for only one thing so far - as merc armor. I've never used CoH on any character, even though I can see it be quite decent choice for sorceress, but not the best in my book (Vipermagi, 1.07 Ark, Tal Rasha armor, Shulder's anybody?). All I can say for CoH is - jack of all trades, master of none. Once you make Enigma and Fortitude, CoH then becomes second rate armor on pretty much all characters with possible exception of sorc. It's still great merc armor.

    Jah - Enigma. Only other possible far distant choice is Faith if you play only amazons and sorc or characters who can't use teleport.

    Cham - godly to socket for CBF. I value this rune higher than any other for that reason, and it's harder to get. With exception of Zod rune.

    Zod - bad rune, but here it goes. Best used to either socket with 2 jewels in eth Tomby, or to ATMA-bug stuff you can't bug with Death runeword. If I had 5 Zod runes, then I would definitely ATMA-bug 2 eth claws to make Chaos and Fury for PvP assassin. Then ATMA-bug my LLD eth Naga. Then ATMA-bug 1.07 3 os eth Berserker Axe to make Fury for my PvP barb. And naturally make mentioned Tomby. After that... maybe make BotD for lulz and some PvP action. After that... have no idea. Possibly seek upgrades for made weapons to repeat the process.
  7. Pb_pal

    Pb_pal Diabloii.Net Member

    Mar 7, 2004
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    Well since I just restarted, I don't even have to pretend that these will be my first. So this is basically a to-do list for me. :p

    Ohm = CtA first and foremost. It's just so versatile.
    Lo = Grief for sure. So many potential uses. I need one for my future trav barb.
    Vex = HOTO. I want dual's on my future trav barb. (anyone seeing a pattern here?)
    Sur = cube to Ber.
    Ber = I've found one so far, and have the Sur's to cube another, but like Gripphon, I'm saving up to cube a Jah for Enigma. Yes, trav barb. Inifinity is a (semi-)close second place.
    Jah = see above.
    Cham = Probably Doom. Although if I had a candidate for a godly CBF slot, I would go that route.
    Zod = BotD. I've wanted to make this runeword since the day it came out in 1.10.

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