This is getting ridiculous


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This is getting ridiculous

For the past several damn months, we've had a former neighbor living in our basement.

My Mom offered the basement to her after some chance meeting where said woman, we'll call her Sydney, told my Mom about her then-situation. Sydney claimed (I say claimed because I've since lost every ounce of trust I ever placed in her) that her soon to be ex-husband (they're separated) had gotten so vioolently drunk one night that she feared for her life and left, in the process leaving her 5 year-old son with him. Neighboor might have been a little misleading; they live(d, in Sydney's case) in a townhouse complex about a half-mile from here. Sydney then made the mistake of not going back for several days, whereupon her ex-husband filed for emergency custody (keep in mind that this story comes secondhand, from my Mom, so details may be a little shaky). The moral of the story is, she was forced to move into an apparently shady appartment complex on her non-existent income, where the landlord apparently made advances toward her. And my Mom, ever the good samaritan, let her move into our basement, which had just been cleaned out as a result of my Mom losing her job.

Sydney pays not a speck of rent. She first asserted that she'd make up for it by doing housework (though my Mom kept insisting she didn't want restitution), but even those claims rang hollow as she fell back on an apparently crippling leg condition. That's unfair; she is in fact scheduled to have surgery. But she has a job now; she'd been searching for several weeks, and landed a job as a waitress at a country club. Pay was significantly above minimum wage, and the tips from rich white golfers would have only served to bolster that. I speak in the past tense because she quit that job after a single day, waited two more weeks, and landed an almost minimum-wage job as the pharmacist's assisstant at the local CVS. Her logic? Being a waitress is "degrading."

Meanwhile, her 5 year-old gets shuttled back and forth between houses, tending toward the father's house more often these days because she likes to go out at nights. And then she has the gall to complain to us about how much she hates being the single working mother. She takes calls from her ex, despite the express advice to the contrary from her lawyer, so she can sit there on the phone and get yelled at, then hang up and complain about how mean he is.

But it gets better. No really; much, much better. She drinks. Not to the point of being totally unable to function, but to the point of tipsiness, the point of making totally inappropriate comments to myself and my two younger brothers (ages 15 and 9), our friends, my father, etc. Objects disappear from our areas of the house, only to reappear in the basement several weeks later. She has a perfectly functioning bathroom and shower down there, but generally weasels her way into occupying my mother's bathtub for hours at a time. A lot of this feels petty, but it adds up. Especially in light of the most recent events:

A). She took my mother's prescription pain medication. My mother received it when she broke her tailbone several months ago. There were 20 pills to begin with. My mother took 6. When my mother went to take one the other day for a migraine that had been plaguing her for days, there were none left, though the bottle was on one of Sydney's table downstairs.

B). Tonight, while my brother Dan gasped for breath (he has strep and mono, and his throat was closing up), my Mom was expecting a call from Dan's doctor. Guess who's on the phone. Guess who doesn't bother picking up the call waiting. My Mom eventually got tired of waiting for the call back and called 911. The medics determined that he was just hyperventilating, and thank God for that. After the ambulances have left, Sydney immediately starts in on how horrible her life is right now, and how that's why she didn't pick up the other call. While Dan is struggling to calm down on the couch not two feet away from her.

It's clear to me that this woman has absolutely no motive for being here other than freeloading off of our house and its facilities. I suspect that she never intends on paying rent or compensating us in any way. Tomorrow, after my Mom's had time to calm down off the latest scare, I will have this exact conversation with her. But seriously, I'm surprised I got this far, trembling with as much rage as I'm currently feeling. She is the luckiest woman alive that nothing worse befell my brother.

For those of you who read this far… hell, who'm I kidding ;). But seriously, thanks. Really needed to get that out.


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look at the bright side (I'm the eternal optimist), because she has not paid any rent so far, she is not a tennant and you are not a landlord.

therefore, you can throw her out on her butt without any pain the ass eviction notice. one call to the cops and bye bye.


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i read it all.
and i could tell from the beginning that something bad like this would happen.

get her out of the house, doesnt matter how much she complains or whatever, who cares - she sure doesnt.


Wait until she gets good and tippy and passes out.

You carry one end, your brother gets the other, and she wakes up in the nearest river, ditch, or combination of the two.

That's what we call "handling the situation."

~Kazama Fury~

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DrunkPotHead said:
That just sucks man. I read the whole thing and i wanna kick her ass too.
I second that.

I remember seing a couple of tv shows like that, I didnt think people could be that dumb. In the other hand, nothing surprises me these days.


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Wow..I've heard of houseguests but that xtreme. She should realize that she doesnt live in a friggin hotel, and you should kick her ass on the road..

Wow..i was harsh
superdave said:
print this out and give it to your mother
A perfect idea. Add this to it:

Mom, this woman is a danger to our family and is sucking the life out of us like the leech she is. Stop being weak and take charge. Get rid of her before she ruins us.
MixedVariety said:
A perfect idea. Add this to it:

Mom, this woman is a danger to our family and is sucking the life out of us like the leech she is. Stop being weak and take charge. Get rid of her before she ruins us.
Seconded. I sincerely hope that you're serious about having the chat with your mom, Lost. This is a big deal and your mother clearly isn't taking you and your brothers into consideration. Just be mature and reasonable about it. Good luck.

Killing Frenzy

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That just sucks man. I read the whole thing and i wanna kick her ass too.
I third that.

I enjoy the space in my own home so much that something like that would just drive me crazy.

Flood the basement, if its just her belongings down there. :D Then add that the damage deposit should cover the damage to her stuff. Oh wait, there is no damage deposit, or any kind of rent being paid. Like someone else said, your technically not her landlord, so her wrecked stuff isn't your problem.


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Toss the bum out.

Confront the woman about her abuse of a prescription medicine and gauge her reaction. I suspect she will deny it and rail against you how it's also none of your business. At that point, you take that to your mother.


It surprises and disgusts me that people like this even exist....I would've long left if I were her and found some hole in the middle of Arizona where I could rot and die or something.

Talk to your mom, get her out of there.


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You have to get here out subtly so as to save some face. So "accidentally" start pumping gas into the basement. Now obviously don't use natural gas as that would be very stupid. I'm talking rat poison (since you have a problem with vermin) or something of that nature. From this you will either get her out of the basement and subsequently out of the house or you'll have new motivation for digging up the ground in your backyard for a new garden (if you get my drift). She should take care of this annoyance quite well assuming you don't have any vents leading up from the basement into the house...