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This gonna work???

Discussion in 'Newcomer Forum' started by Hello, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Hello

    Hello Banned

    Jan 11, 2005
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    This gonna work???

    Skeleton mastery: max
    Skeleton: 1
    bone spirit: max
    bone spear: max
    some other~

    Helm: rare circlet with 2x necro skill, 20 all resis and i gonna sock it with um then i got more
    Armor: Enigma bp
    Shield:homu with an pdiamond
    Belt: Arach
    Amu: Maras (21)
    Rings: two fcr rings
    Golves: ?~
    Boots: Sandstorm trek (eth)
    First weapon:White or umis
    Other weapon and shield:
    cta 3-6 bo, spirit...

    cta gives my skeleton more life and me
    i will use act2 merc nm, for more damage with skeleton,
    i wont have many skeleton but them i use is nice i guess?

    will this work?
  2. Oscuro

    Oscuro Diabloii.Net Site Pal

    Oct 6, 2003
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    Your bone skills will not do much damage unless you spend points on teeth and bone wall (and bone prison if you're not using marrowwalks).
  3. LorveN

    LorveN D3 Off Topic Moderator

    Aug 13, 2003
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    Only one single skeleton will not be very useful. You should put 20 points in that one too.
    One skellie will soon be surrounded by monsters, and that would result in its death. Skellies are useful, but only in numbers. Alone, they do not last long.
    Btw, check out the necromancer forum. You'll find guides etc there!
  4. stkrause

    stkrause Diabloii.Net Member

    Sep 24, 2004
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    I don't think so. Why would anyone want such a build? If you want a challenge, build a naked warrior sorc :bonk: And what do you plan to do with your other ~40 skill points?

    If you invest 19 more of them in summon skelly and 20 in bone wall and use marrows as boots, the yes, the char will rock. Actually i have one of those, and even w/o enigma and cta he really owns.

  5. Pherdnut

    Pherdnut Diabloii.Net Member

    Sep 13, 2004
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    It's best to assume 100 points since getting to level **-89 doesn't take forever like getting through the 90s does.

    You're talking about a hybrid skeleton/bonemancer. They work fine. Your one mistake is putting 20 in mastery and only 1 in raise skeleton. Skeletons gain a lot more from Raise Skeleton so if you want to save points put the 20 in RS and the 1 point in SM. Also critical to keeping your skeletons alive is Summon Resist. Put one point in that and the prerequs will give you a very useful clay golem. Even with only 1/1 points invested it's quite useful even in Hell difficulty when you have a few +skills.

    Now, that's only 24 points and you have a horde of very survivable tanks that will help protect you in Hell.

    Next I'd put 6 more points in to get Confuse, Amplify Damage, and Decrepify. Amplify damage will double skeleton damage against enemies until you get to Hell where it will be more like +50-75% on average due to physical resistances. Confuse is a great skill to cast on ranged attackers that you can't quite get to just yet in areas like the Frozen River in Act 5, and Decrepify coupled with the slow effect of your clay golem cripples bosses to the point where they can barely do anything more than once every few seconds. It slows them down, reduces their attack rate, cuts their physical damage down by 50%, and works like a weakened amp damage reducing their resists by 50% (amp is usually better for regular enemies though).

    Now you've spent 30 points, have a horde of minions to protect you and some nice curses for seriously diminishing the effectiveness of your enemies.

    At this point I would take one of two routes. You can either make a bonemancer that happens to have skeletons or a skeleton summoner oriented build that gets some nice supplementary damage from a few extra points in Bone. For either build you're going to want marrow walks which give you 33 free synergies to your bone skills due its lvl 33 charges of Bone Prison. This is a bug. It's generally not frowned upon unless you use it for serious duelling but you should know it's a bug. The marrow bug only works if you don't have any points in bone prison and you have charges of Bone Prison left on the boots.

    If you decide to go with the bone focused build, the marrows will give you a huge enough synergy bonus that you will be able to afford to put enough points into the bone synergies that you will have as many synergies as if you had gone with a pure bonemancer that doesn't use marrows. I recommend putting 60 points into bone spear, bone wall, bone spirit, and the remaining seven into teeth.

    Or you could go with a full fledged skeleton warrior build that uses some extra bone skills to help get that first corpse for corpse exploding but puts the full 20 points into skeleton mastery. The bone skills will only be short one full synergy if you do so and will still be quite effective. It's a cool build because it can handle a variety of situations. Pure skelliemancers don't kill bosses very quickly without high end gear (with high end gear they probably kill bosses faster than most other builds period), but bonemancers do quite well.

    Even without the marrow bug, either build would do pretty well, IMO. You've got a strong bone armor, a horde of skeletons, and ranged magic attacks (very few reistances against pure magic in the game) that do quite a bit of hurt.

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