This game knows how to suck you in


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I haven't played in a little while and wasn't sure if I wanted to get into playing again. I start doing some LK runs because I see that is the last map I saved.

On my 3rd run this drops:

Pretty stoked. All my items are mixed up with gomule so I basically only have what I am wearing on this character which isn't anything to write home about right now.

Looking forward to building a CoH, this is the first step there. If this keeps up maybe I will do the RFL.

Anyway, was super excited and had to log in to post this. Maybe this will give me the motivation to push this untwinked char -- Tea_Time to 99. I am 91 right now and got into a funk after I mixed up all my items.


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Congrats on the Sur! I had a very similar experience when I re-fired up D2 a month or so ago. Did a few LK runs on my UT 99er, and a Ber popped out within the first 15 minutes.

It's just the game's way of giving you that sweet high early on that you constantly try to re-experience.


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I dropped a ber in the frozen river the other day. First and only high level rune. It did feel great. I haven't gotten many below it yet (ever as I'm a new player). I'm not interested in trading so I'm looking for them all to drop. I kinda doubt I'll ever see zod or some of the really rare uniques, but maybe if I'm determined


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Nice coming back gift !!

Welcome back :). Now get that character in the untwinked 99er tournament ...