This Claw any good? :)


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This Claw any good? :)

Rare War Fist
5% chance cast amp
+5 max
-25% target def
7% life leech


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It's to slow. The dmg is ok , but there are no real builds in 1.1 that require such a claw really. PvP = trapper , WW sin or kicker (Or a hybrid of any of these 3). Your warfist doesn't hit last WW break , and there are other better claws out there that work better for WW. For a trapper it's useless too , no +skills. And for a kicker it does nothing either.

For pvm this isn't such a great claw either. Dtail builds require +skills , statpoints and resist. Dtalon requires alot of CB and some +skills. Elemental MA sins require alot of +skills , resist and enough leech because the phys dmg is lower. And trappers require alot of +skills too.


Lun's probly, mostly, right but don't, by any means, junk it. It looks pretty good to me. Is war fist Elite? If not then upgrade of course. (if you got the runes:uhhuh: )

Maybe a Dragon claw assasin could make use of it...or maybe, like podi said, just use it till you get a better one...:)

O wait..Maybe for Blade fury that claw could be useful. Attack speed means nothing to Bfury (I think)...ya with amp that should work pretty good. You on west ladder?
im making a claw asn i might be able too find some use for that im on useast non ladder softcore whisper kenshin11himura

i will be on all tuesday from 11:00 on unless mom calls and gives me chores to do :rant:

not sure wat i can offer ill haveto c it myself :scratch: