This Claw and Trapsin Gear


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This Claw and Trapsin Gear

Found this claw recently:

Rare Wrist Sword
84-108 Damage

2 to Assassin Skills
141 ED
3 Minimum Damage
95 AR
4-9 Cold Damage
8 Life Leech
3 Lightning Sentry
1 Weapon Block

I know it's decent for trapsins, but was wondering if the damage is considered high or low for hybrids. Probably won't make a hybrid either way though. :x The Dexterity requirement is a bit high on it, so I'm not sure what to do about that.. Was looking to make a Claw/Claw Trapsin with base Dex.

As in the other topic, I'm still looking for an elaboration on Trapsin gear. I was thinking CTA on switch and HotO/Spirit for PvM, dual Claws for PvP. That sounds right, right..? And I'm assuming I'm going to be using BoS and not Fade but leave Fade for dueling certain classes right? Thanks for all the help in the other topic too, HappyAssassin.

So this is the build, right?

Str: Base
Dex: Base
Vita: All
Energy: Base

1 Fire Blast
20 Shock Web
20 Charged Bolt Sentry
20 Lightning Sentry
20 Death Sentry

Shadow Disciplines:
1 Claw Mastery
1 Psychic Hammer
1 Burst of Speed (maybe extra points once I get full gear and need BP's? yes or no please.)
1 Weapon Block (maybe up to 60 block? yes or no please.)
1 Cloak of Shadows
1 Fade
1 Shadow Warrior
1 Mind Blast (maxed out or up to slvl 41 for max stun eventually? yes or no please.)
1 Shadow Master (is this still better than SW or is it better to only let it use the skills you have out?)

Also what are the breakpoints for laying traps? Sorry for the huge text block guys, this was the easiest I could make it on the eyes.


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I gotta see your gear before I can help with stats. The claw is nice but not great because the base claw isn't a fast one. That claw actually would need an IAS socket to get max speed WW on a hybrid.

A Feral or Runic Claw with IAS is basically necessary to get the maximum trap laying speed. Since you want nice low dex, go for Greater Talons (which require 79 dex) for a fast, low dex claw that still has high speed and can spawn +3 LS. The best combo of claws for a trapper is generally:

2 Assassin / 3 LS / Of Quickness (40IAS) / 2 Socket Greater Talons with IAS/Resist Jewels

2 Assassin / 3 LS / Useful stat / 2 Socket Greater Talons with FHR/Res or Str/Res jewels

At least, this is the ideal, very very expensive though.


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Ah, all right. Those are both rare right? So 2 Sin is better than 3 Trap? In PvP wouldn't you switch to Wiz/Spirit to Mind Blast spam?