This any good?


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This any good?

Hailstone Nock
Shadow Bow
Two-Hand Damage: 75 to 265
Required Dexterity: 188
Required Strength: 52
Required Level: 48
Bow Class - Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 82
Fingerprint: 0xd229dc70
+350% Enhanced Damage
+93 to Attack Rating
+8 to Minimum Damage
+150 poison damage over 5 seconds
20% Increased Attack Speed
5% Chance to cast Level 1 Amplify Damage on striking

Found it when hunting the countess for a Mal. Any good for a bowzon? Strafer? How much more IAS would I need for a good strafe speed?


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That bow is a wet dream for all my rogue mercs! And I could use that to good effect with character builds of all seven classes.


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Yeah, I didn't even think of using it on a merc... So addicted to auras. Think I'll have to shael this thing, or maybe some jewel..


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u should look up the ias bp's, and put a xx ed/ 15 ias jewel in it. that thing has anything u would ever need on a amazon, xcept for skills and leech, but still, dear god :D


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i dunno what you guys are looking at, but it's an alright bow, nothing special. over 200 damage is generally a good thing for bows, but when compared to a 450+ buriza or 500+ wf, it's very low. if you are thinking about dueling, usually amp is considered bm, if not, you can just use an atmas.

monte cristo

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Atmas still take a slot and this bow is a little slow for high level dueling. But for PvM it is just godly. And think of being more unique than anybody else on Leech isn't that necessary anymore. The only thing that would make it truly overpowered would be 2 sockets or a fool's mod. Wow.. Great find.


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Great item, really maxed mods (as for a rare bow), good balance.

On BN: I would pay for it higher price than for wf... but I would use wf anyway ;)
In single player this find is an event.
(especially since it´s not a gray bow ilvl99)


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Ehrm... ilvl 99 gray item? Don't think I've seen any in my ~2000 hours of playing 1.10...