Thinking of returning to the madness


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Thinking of returning to the madness

Hello! Well.. i just quit diablo about half of year ago and i`m thinking of returning to this game. I played it alot before, i used to come here all the time even before i had registered a user here, and read info like crazy here so i know the game pretty well. Thing is i don't know what to do, i'd play on battlenet but my diablo 2 is bad :hanky:, maybe someone wants to donate a cd key to me ? :shocked: Then there's single player.. hmm i remember playing it when i first got diablo 2, first i went for the necromancer being the male "wizard", i didn't even know how to switch the skill tabs lol ... and the skeletons were weak and blood raven would rip me apart. Then i begun again with the sorceress, i made her with max warmth and max fire bolt, got to act 3 with her, then i started again with barbarian.. can't remember where i got with him i think act 4, he was a frenzy barb with mauls has weapons. Then i played on a friend's server since i couldnt play on bnet... I played there alot of time.. i think i made more then 50 chars just because i wanted to test their power in my own hands. I would make a char, bring him to level 70-80, have fun with him and then start another. I used to have a 12/10/8 annihilus that a friend of mine gave me and i used to swap him to all the chars i used. The fun was then killing mephisto for items... i remember when i found items like a guardian angel or items from trang's set i was very happy. Once i even found a HoZ, man that was :cloud9: . I made barbarians using bloodletter and heartcarvers as main weapons. Then came the "PvP" era, first pvp char i made was a bonemancer.. btw i never had an enigma and neither did most people on my friends serv.. anyway... i was happy doing pvp with my necro even if i mostly got my *** kicked all the time. It was fun for awhile until i realised i need some better equipment. So i mf'ed my *** off on meph daily, best item he ever gave me was the rune "mal" witch is the biggest rune that i ever found in this game. I decided to make a base strength (without enigma ofc) BvA. I was still poor at the time until some day when i was trying to pass act 2 normal, and i helped someone in the game, i remember him giving me arreat, stormshield, duress and oath, i was like *yay, i will love and take care of this barb for ever and ever and ever...* In the end i managed to make him no-str (with alot of str charms). In time as i got better at diablo i started killing smiter (hehe zig zag whirling always does the trick) even if they had uber gear sometimes. I ended up being a better then above average PvP-er, then i found out the server admin was giving free enigmas for beer... i stayed few time after that then i quit diablo completely. Hmm i think i wrote a bit too much information :grin:, well this is my diablo story,thanks for reading , what do you guys think i should do ?


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I think you should put these on, very quickly...

*gives PsychoNight some shin guards*


I think you should delete all your stashes and characters and start fresh in SP mode (noone will, nor can give you their CD keys). Be sure to check the ATMA sticky to learn about the most awesomest thing that has happened to SP D2. :cool:

As usual, read the stickies and the FAQs, get familiar with the search function and don't cheat in any form if you want to interact with other SPFers through MP and trading. :strong:

By the way, how can you get an Annihilus or Oath out of closed :scratch: