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Thinking of rebuilding my Bowazon. Looking for Suggestions

Discussion in 'Amazon' started by Panix, May 29, 2008.

  1. Panix

    Panix IncGamers Member

    Mar 4, 2004
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    Thinking of rebuilding my Bowazon. Looking for Suggestions


    This Bowazon (Hate_Eternal) is the first Amazon I've ever played in the few years I've played D2. I started torching hunting and got an amazon torch so I thought, "what the hell? they look fun in cow levels!"

    I've read Ryelix's (sp?) guide and I was getting suggestions from a friend of mine who made an amazon when he started back playing so I want to see if you guys could help me make this chick a bad mama jamma.

    Currently, this is where I am:

    45/120 Bone Visage (with 15% enhanced defense)
    Faith GMB (14 fant, +2 skills)
    Fortitude Archon Plate (29 res all)
    Lava Gout
    Ravenfrost (234+ attack rating, +20 dex)
    Rare ring (3% ml, 8% ll, +17 str)
    Gore Rider
    The Cat's Eye

    On Switch, I have a CtA+Spirit Monarch (I know I messed up the str stat really bad probably)

    Here's the charms I have:

    15/18 zon torch
    LC - +2 max dam, +23 life
    GC - +4 max dam, 19% lightning res
    19/18/10 anni
    GC - +6 max damage, +40 ar, +4 str
    LC - +6 max damage, +48 ar
    LC - +5 max damage, +26 ar, +6 dex
    SC - +2 max damage, +17 ar, +3% frw
    SC - +3 max damage, +16 ar, +5 fhr
    SC - +2 max damage, +18 ar
    10x 100 psn over 5 sec (some with second mods like 1-17 lit damage, +1 str, +1 dex, etc)

    Leaves me with 8 spaces open for items

    My merc has andy helm (ral'd), eth sacred armor fort and a 19 conc pride (I had to reroll that pride after the first one was 16 :grrrr:)

    Stats are as follows:

    Str - 110 + 56 = 166
    Dex - 290 + 100 = 390
    Vit - 115 + 34 = 149
    Nrg - 15 + 34 = 49

    FRW - 63
    IAS - 85
    FHR - 5 (bleh) (11 hit recovery frames)

    Character Screen Shows - 1.5k-5k for MS & 1.6k - 5.1k for Strafe

    -=Skill Placement=-
    -Passives- (+6 to all)
    20 points in valk
    2 avoid
    9 Critical Strike
    20 Penetrate
    6 Pierce

    1 Point in Everything Else

    -Bow and Crossbow Skills- (+9 to all)
    10 Multi-Shot
    20 Guided Arrow

    1 in everything else except for Ice and Freezing Arrow

    I feel like the skill point placements are REALLY screwed up. I'm gonna try and trade for a 20/xx zon torch but I atleast like my 15/18 so I may not bother. This is just gonna be strictly PvM. I just wanna run areas like Hell Cows and Chaos Sanctuary and maybe the occasional Pit run. Ya know, the big places where you can just pop a few multi shots and watch everything die. :grin:

    I don't understand by the max damage charms are so expensive. I've found alot of those (as you can see alot of them are far from optimal) but I've traded for like 1-2 of the good small charms. Should I ditch some the max damage charms and trade for more 100psn damage charms? I don't know which way to go with that.

    Also, if I were to rebuild, what would my skill and stat point placements look like? Like I mentioned before, it's mostly gonna be those areas. Probably mostly cows to hunt for good socketables and whatnot.

    Sorry for all the nooby questions and the long post but i wanted everyone to know where I stand now with what equipment and stat points and such so I could get better answers. :smiley: Lemme know if you need anymore info.
  2. ekarisor

    ekarisor IncGamers Member

    May 12, 2004
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    Re: Thinking of rebuilding my Bowazon. Looking for Suggestions

    Your gear looks really good. Although I'd definitely switch the lavagouts for some crafted knockback gloves. And I use war travelers myself but gores aren't a bad choice by any means. I'm also using a perfect kira's with an ias jewel and have max resists because of it. It lets me run the wsk and the throne without much problem.

    I'm not sure you need cta/spirit on switch as you really shouldn't be getting hit much at all with your valk, merc and revives. I like to use harmony on switch to run around at superspeed. And if you get a decent roll you'll be able to buff your valk pretty nicely.

    Charm looks good but you don't really need all those poison charms. Keep one and get more max/ar/life, max/ar/frw, ar/life charms or any resist charms to top up your resistances.

    Your merc gear couldn't be much better :grin:

    As for stats, if you decide not to use your spirit monarch then you can go with a lot less strength, obviously. With your torch and anni giving you 34 points you could get away with 74 points in strength, that's 36 more points for dexterity! Also that's way too much vitality, I get away with around 60 total hard point in vitality and I have no problems. IIRC, it works out to about 700 life with my gear. All the rest goes to dexterity.

    For pvm you only need 1 point in guided arrow, diablo goes down quick, baal takes a while unless you can keep your merc alive. With razortail and +skills I think you only need 3 or 4 in pierce for max piercing. And maxing penetrate is probably overkill. I think I have around 15 after +skills and my chance to hit most monsters in the game is always above 90%.

    You might want to max freezing arrow and it's main synergy and go with 5-10 in strafe and multi. It works really well for me.

    These suggestions are all based on my zon's setup which was heavily influenced by wmeredith's zon here. I usually run chaos, nihlthalak, wsk, throne, cows, and the pits with her.

    Hopefully this helps!
  3. Panix

    Panix IncGamers Member

    Mar 4, 2004
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    Re: Thinking of rebuilding my Bowazon. Looking for Suggestions

    Sorry for the late reply but I've been busy IRL.

    I've been working on getting a nice crafted kb glove. I've just started into crafting so it'll probably be a while before I get anything good. I think the decent ones I've made so far have all had just +1 to the java tree though :\

    I'll check out the harmony on switch. That's the one with vigor, right? Vigor makes me hate walking around on other characters since I've been spoiled by playing so many pally builds :p

    My friend who helped me back this character only does PvP and I think he's the one who told me to max guided arrow. As far as the passives go, I know I should have one in each but from the reading I've done, I've never got a definitive answer as to the magic number to aim for. Hell, it would seem D/A/E would be something you'd really want to pump, especially when not maxing resistances. I haven't tried doing WSK runs. Mostly, I've just been having fun slaughtering cows but I think I may try and do some pits runs too. I've mostly just been using her to break the monotony of regular characters and use her to hunt socketables.

    And I don't get why war travelers would be such a big deal compared to gore riders but then again, I don't understand how +max damage charms make such a big difference. It seems that a measly 15-25 damage would pale in comparison to OW/DS/CB.

    So it'd be better to only have 5-10 points in multi and strafe each? The mana cost now for multishot is a bit excessive but I like to spam a few waves of multishot and turn around and throw a few clicks of strafe when my mana pool starts to get low.

    Is the 45/120 helm I have not good? I don't have a kira's so I'd have to trade for it. Would it be good to socket with a 15/40 if I got one?

    I wish someone would explain to me what makes +max damage charms so good for melee characters because I saw my dueling friend had several on his BvC as well.

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