Thinking of rebuilding and need input


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Thinking of rebuilding and need input

Been thinking of rebuilding for a while now, as it is now, i wouldnt be able to equip a coa even if i had one... :rolleyes:

So i have a niceish rare belt. And i made a comparison vs verdungo. And it came down to this:

15 damage red% vs 14fhr + 16,5 life + 20 coldres + free helm socket

Which one wins?

If i ber the jalals, its down to 7 damage red% vs the rest. 15 allres or 38 life with an um or a ruby respectively are also options...

So, verdungo or rare belt?
If i get a perfect verdungo the life goes down to 4,5 if it matters...

Also, just to make sure, the vita on verdungo is boable isnt it?

Heres the rare belt: